Gamification: The New Age Way to Improve Employee Engagement

Gamification: The New Age Way to Improve Employee Engagement

Do you want your employees to give their 100% at work? Lower your employee turnover and absenteeism?


According to a recent Gallup poll, those are just a few of the benefits of excellent employee engagement.

But while the benefits are clear, less than 50% of executives know how to improve it.


Introducing Gamification!

But is it the latest management fad?

There is no doubt that ‘Gamification’ has become popular amongst companies who want to drive engagement. Most employers have realised that by adding an element of competition amongst employees or customers in their day-to-day routine, not only does it yield in motivation and engagement, but it also adds a sense of loyalty towards the product or the organisation – wanting them to stick around and achieve more than their standard goals.

This is one of the best ways to train new employees as helps break apart training into a clearer, more achievable series of efforts and results. Training progress is celebrated along the way with milestones, thus keeping their focus and effort on the goals.

Gamification: The New Age Way to Improve Employee Engagement

Here are some areas where you can introduce gamification:

# Learning and Development

Interesting games help employees learn new skills better and also reduce the learning time.

# Customer Support

Achievements and rewards through gamification can encourage employees to help customers with more efficiency and quality. Thereby making the customer experience a delightful one!

# Improving Sales

Gamification helps improve the salespeople collaborate better.

# Teamwork

Gamification is excellent when it comes to getting all team members together, especially when the team is virtual.

#Product Development

Drives employees to complete projects on time, collaborate and be more efficient.

# Creativity

Gamification can be used to bring out the best ideas amongst employees

# Corporate Culture

It gives ample opportunity to employees to shape the company culture by making the values more accessible.

Gamification: The New Age Way to Improve Employee Engagement

A Word Of Caution:

It is extremely important to create a healthy sense of competition in the workplace, but not so much competition that it ends up demotivating your employees. Always remember…gamification can be very effective when it’s done well — however, if applied in the wrong ways, it can backfire and cause a lot of damage to the organisation.

Farzi Ahmed