3 Components That Make Up a Successful Onboarding Program

3 Components That Make Up a Successful Onboarding Program

Employees are the biggest investment an employer makes in a business. Hiring them is no easy task and it is very important to have an onboarding program designed to ensure the transition into the organisation is smooth.


Did you know a third of executives think of quitting in their first 3 months?


Despite all the efforts taken to ensure you get the right candidate for the right job and despite all the negotiations on the compensation, we see a lot of employees quit within 3-6 months. Ever wondered why?

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Integrating a new employee into the company, especially at a startup can be very difficult as they don’t have a full-fledged HR department to handle the process. A well-planned onboarding program can help shape the future of such companies for years to come. An effective new hire onboarding programs not only helps foster a more successful work environment, it increases employee satisfaction, lowers attrition and results in better ‘bottom-line’ results.

Here are 3 components that make a successful onboarding program:


Sweet Sixteen : Meet The Heads

For the first two days of the orientation, the newbie should be introduced to the senior members of the organisation – the ones who grew with the organisation and help build the culture.

Day Three = Peer Day

Most organisations assign a peer as the newbie’s ‘Buddy’. The ‘Buddy’ acts as a mentor, the ‘go-to’ person for the first few weeks – till the newbie gets acclimatise with the larger organisation. This approach is suggested than paper!

The Final 10

Most companies meet their new hire at their 90-day check. Research shows that meeting the employee in two-week in the presence of their peer and manager helps identify and address the problem areas and help improvise the onboarding program.

The key is to be consistent, structured, and to never take onboarding for granted.


Farzi Ahmed