3 Things That Drive Millennial Generation At Work

Did you know that “Millennials” comprise one-third of an organisation’s workforce? And that they are majorly responsible for shaping the workplace environment?


It may surprise you to know that this Gen is not only tech-savvy, innovative, and have great ambitions that some businesses may not approve of but if you provide them with the three things they look out for – you are set to get the ball rolling! When choosing their next role, millennials are on the lookout for a few things in the workplace. So what is the biggest incentive you can offer a millennial to come work for you instead of your competition? If you answered “a fat paycheck” you need to rethink your strategy, because you might not be as attractive as you think for this generation!

So, what are their demands? This Gen has only three essential demands that companies must satisfy and these don’t bite into your budget.


Goodbye, 9 to 5!

One can see the maximum productivity when Gen Y is given flexibility. For them, flexibility is just not about the flexible work arrangements. It’s about being able to go for his/her brother’s game or attend to an elderly parent and not having to clock in over a certain period of time. Additionally, it also means that you need to give them the flexibility that they need not be in the office on all days of the work week – you will see the client appreciations flow in!

3 Things That Drive Millennial Generation At Work, ClockIt


As per the Deloitte Millennial Survey last year, six in 10 respondents said “sense of purpose” is part of the reason they chose their current employer. They really do want to come to work thinking that they’re going to do something that matters.

3 Things That Drive Millennial Generation At Work, ClockIt

How do they fit into the organisational puzzle? How is their work relevant? And how is the organisation contributing to the society in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, etc? These are a few questions the Millennials seek an answer to.


It is very difficult to keep your workforce engaged all year round. The employees who belong to Gen Y are in constant search for a workplace which inspires them and the only way to have them at your workplace a little longer is to assign them to work that inspires them. After a few years, they will take with them a good impression of the company and give great reviews on various forums like Glassdoor,etc.

3 Things That Drive Millennial Generation At Work, ClockIt


Farzi Ahmed