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At ClockIt, we understand that scheduling employees effectively is not just a task, but a strategic process that impacts your business’ productivity and success. Our advanced scheduling platform offers you an intuitive, reliable, and efficient way to manage your workforce, accommodating flexible shifts, availability constraints, and workload distribution. We prioritize simplicity and flexibility, allowing you to minimize scheduling conflicts and maximize employee satisfaction. With ClockIt, say goodbye to scheduling headaches and embrace a harmonious work environment where operational efficiency and employee well-being coexist.


Subway Shift Hours

Subway Shift Hours   Subway, the fast-food sandwich chain, does not have a universal set of shift hours that applies to every store worldwide. Subway shift hours of operation and the specific shift times for employees can vary widely based on several factors: Location: A…

McDonald’s Shift Hours

How many hours is a McDonald’s Shift?   McDonald’s restaurants, which are found in many locations around the world, can have varying shift schedules depending on a number of factors: the country or region, urban versus rural location, whether the restaurant is in a high-traffic…

The DDNNOO Work Schedule: 6 Benefits You Must Know

What is the DDNNOO work schedule?   The “DDNNOO” work schedule, is a rotating shift pattern that consists of: DD: Two day shifts. NN: Two night shifts. OO: Two off days.   This type of schedule can be used in industries that require 24/7 operations,…

Dupont Schedule: The Must Know Facts

What is the DuPont Schedule?   A DuPont work schedule is a type of 12-hour rotating shift schedule that covers 24/7 operations. It is named after the DuPont Company, which is one of the first major companies to implement this type of schedule. Here’s a…

2-2-3 Schedule: Everything You Need To Know About This Schedule

What is the 2-2-3 work schedule?   The 2-2-3 work schedule, often referred to as the “every other weekend off” schedule, is a type of rotating shift schedule commonly used in 24/7 operations. The basic premise is that employees work for two days, have two…

4 Day Workweek – Embracing The New Norm

As the dynamics of the work environment continue to evolve, various structures and patterns are being tested to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction. One trend gaining momentum is the 4-day workweek. This novel concept offers potential benefits for both businesses and employees, resulting in a…

Let’s talk work hour.

What is a work hour?   A work hour, also known as a labor hour or a man hour, is typically defined as one hour of work performed by an employee. In the context of employment, it is the standard measure of the amount of…

Efficient Employee Scheduling

What is Employee Scheduling?   Employee scheduling is the process of managing the working hours of employees within an organization. It involves determining when each employee will start work, the duration of their work, and when they will stop working. This process is especially crucial…

Flex time

What is Flex Time?   Flex time, also known as flexible working hours or flexi-time, refers to a work arrangement that allows employees to have more control over their schedules. Instead of adhering to a traditional 9-to-5 workday, flex time permits employees to adjust their…

9/80 work schedule

What is the 9/80 work schedule?   The 9/80 work schedule is an alternative work schedule arrangement where employees work nine-hour days for the first nine days of a two-week period (totaling 80 hours), and then have the tenth day off. This schedule allows employees…

What Is Full Time Equivalent (FTE)?

Full time equivalent (FTE), also called time-equivalent employees, is a measurement of employee workload. FTE calculations consider the total hours worked by part-time employees and factor their impact on the overall workload. Typically, human resource departments use FTE for budgeting, benefits reporting, and tax withholding….

4-day, 5-day and 6-day work week compared.

The Debate: 4, 5, or 6 Day Workweek?   In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving work environment, the traditional five-day workweek is being challenged by alternative work structures. As the nature of work continues to change, with an increasing emphasis on creativity, problem-solving, and work-life balance,…

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