Projects and Tasks Tracking for Android


Track your projects and tasks with our time tracker for Android


ClockIt’s Android app revolutionizes time management by offering precise time tracking for each project, ensuring you know exactly where every minute is spent. Streamline productivity, optimize resources, and gain unparalleled insights into your team’s performance. Experience the future of efficient project management with ClockIt.

Precise time tracking for accurate project insights.

Boosts productivity and resource optimization preventing costly project overruns.

Detailed project and task reports for informed decision-making.

Supports both manual and automatic time with billable and non billable hours for invoicing clients.

Know who is working in what task and for how long.

clockit time clock app android google play store. Time tracker for android with billable and non billable hours for invoicing.
clockit time clock for android with task tracking. Time Tracker for Android with billable and non billable hours.

Web and Mobile Task Tracker


Track time spent on projects using ClockIt web or our Time Tracker for Android.


ClockIt’s time tracker for Android seamlessly operates both online and on your Android devices, bridging the gap between desktop and mobile. Experience effortless synchronization, ensuring consistent project insights wherever you are.

Seamless time tracking on web and Android devices.

Real-time synchronization for consistent insights.

User-friendly interface and quick setup.

Boosts productivity with mobile flexibility.

Detailed reporting for informed decisions.

clockit online task tracker

Manual and Automatic Options


ClockIt’s time tracker for Android allows both manual time tracking and automatic time tracking.


ClockIt’s Android app offers unparalleled flexibility in time management, allowing users to manually log hours or harness the precision of automatic time tracking. Tailor your experience to suit your workflow, ensuring accuracy and efficiency with every project.

Flexibility of manual or automatic time entry.

Precision tracking for accurate billing.

Tailored experience for diverse workflows.

Detailed reports for project and task insights.

clockit time tracker for android

Billable and Non Billable Hours with Time Tracker for Android


Track billable and nonbillable hours for easy client invoicing.


ClockIt’s Android time tracking app empowers users to distinctly track both billable and non-billable hours, ensuring transparent invoicing and optimized productivity.

Distinct tracking of billable and non-billable hours.

Transparent invoicing without hidden costs.

Boosts financial accuracy and clarity.

Real-time data for immediate invoicing.

Enhances project budgeting and forecasting.

time tracker app for ios and android. time clock app for time and attendance

Organise your projects


Assing time tracked to projects and job codes.


ClockIt’s time tracking system elevates time management by enabling users to assign tracker taskk time to specific projects and job codes effortlessly. Streamline your workflow, ensuring every task aligns with its designated project for precise tracking and reporting.

Precise tracking with job codes.

Streamlined workflow and project organization.

Enhances project accountability and clarity.

Customizable job code creation.

Detailed reporting for task insights.

Project time reporting


Generate project time reports within seconds.


Simple, easy-to-use reports enable you to run project reports with ease. Never exhaust your project budgets.

Keep your projects under control.

Customisable reports by client, project billable hours and job codes.

Export reports to CSV and Excel.

Realtime reporting of billable and non billable hours.

clockit task tracking reports

Project Permissions using ClockIt Time Tracker of Android


Grant project permissions to only those that need it.


ClockIt’s time tracking has permission-based access, ensuring that only authorized personnel engage with specific projects. This enhances security, streamlines collaboration, and maintains the integrity of each project.

Streamlined collaboration among team members.

Maintains project integrity and confidentiality.

Reduces risk of unauthorized changes.

Ensures precise role-based project engagement.

“This is exactly what we have been waiting for to add to our existing punch in punch out information.”

– John Mills, Cable Factory



ClockIt’s Time Tracker for Android

Q1: Is the ClockIt app compatible with all versions of the Android?

A1: ClockIt’s app is designed for recent Android versions. Please check the Google Play Store for specific compatibility details.


Q2: How secure is the data I input into the ClockIt app?

A2: ClockIt prioritizes user security. All data is encrypted and stored securely, adhering to industry standards.


Q3: Can I track both billable and non-billable hours?

A3: Yes, ClockIt allows users to distinctly track both billable and non-billable hours for precise invoicing.


Q4: How does the permission-based access work?

A4: ClockIt’s permission-based access lets administrators grant specific access rights to team members, ensuring project security and integrity.


Q5: Is there an offline mode available?

A5: No, ClockIt does not work in the offline mode and needs a working data connection to sync the data.


Q6: Can I integrate ClockIt with other productivity tools?

A6: Absolutely! ClockIt seamlessly integrates with many popular productivity and project management tools.

Q7: How do I assign tasks to specific projects or job codes using the time tracker for Android?

A7: Within the app, you can easily assign tasks to designated projects and input or select the appropriate job codes.


Q8: Are there any additional costs for updates or new features?

A8: ClockIt regularly updates its app for optimal performance. All new features are offered at the same price. ClockIt does not feature gate any feature and only charges a standard fixed rate per user.


Q9: How do I get support if I face any issues?

A9: ClockIt offers 24/7 customer support. You can reach out via the app, email, or our website.


Q10: Can I export my time tracking data for reporting?

A10: Yes, ClockIt time tracker for Android provides an easy export feature for all your time tracking data, suitable for reporting and analysis. We support both CSV and Excel for all our reports.


Q11: How is the pricing structured, especially concerning the number of users?

A11: ClockIt offers a flexible pricing model that accommodates any number of users, ensuring scalability for growing teams without added costs per user. See our pricing plans.