ClockIt Comparision and Review


Know more about how ClockIt stands out from the competition and a detailed explanation of what you really get in a FREE plan. While all apps provide a FREE plan, they are almost always targeted to tie you into the product and upsell the paid plans. Some of these apps do not give you access to simple features such as decimals without you upgrading. Lets us break down the pricing for you so that you can decide which time clock app is best suited for your business.

ClockIt vs Clockify

ClockIt Features and Pricing compared with Clockify


Know more about how ClockIt stands out from the competition and a detailed explanation of what you really get in a FREE plan.

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clockify vs clockit

Features Breakdown


The most common features that are similar in both time clock apps.

Time and Attendance

Clock time with web, mobile, kiosk, Slack, Teams and biometrics.

GPS and Geofencing

Reports and Segments with all features included.

More suitable for time, attendance and PTO.

Break calculations and Timesheet approvals.

Time clock notifications via email, mobile apps, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Mobile apps for ios and android.

PTO, Leave Management and Accruals.

Limited reporting option in the FREE plan. Eg. Decimal hours starts at 6.99 USD/User/Month

No biometric hardware support.

GPS and Geofencing not available in the FREE plan. Starts at 9.99 USD/User/Month

Built more towards time tracking for projects.

Break duration calculation and timesheet approvals not available in FREE plan.

Only basic notifications available in FREE plan.

Reports missing decimal hour calculations in FREE plan.

Mobile apps for ios and android.

Time offs not available in free plan and does not support accruals.



See pricing options, annual plans, and more for ClockIt and Clockify.

No free plan.

$ 2.99 USD/User/Month

Optional team pricing as you add more users.

Cost of 10 users is $ 29.90 monthly.

Free plan with limited features.

$ 4.99 USD/User/Month is the lowest monthly plan.

$ 14.99 USD/User/Month is the most expensive plan with all features included.

Cost of 10 user can vary from $ 49.90 - $ 149.90 depending on plan.

Paid Features


Know what features are missing between the FREE and the Paid plans.

All features included in all plans.

No feature gating and upsells.

Attendance and overtime

Timesheet approvals.

Reports with decimal hours.

GPS tracking and geo-fencing.

Time offs and leave management.

Kiosk attendance app PIN enabled clock in clock out.

Breaks duration calculations.

Very limited account features in FREE plan.


Attendance review and audits.



Support channels offered by apps.

Phone Support

Online Support

Screenshare Support

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