Time Clock Hardware


Biometric Time Clock with Fingerprint, RFID and Wifi


Adding a biometric or fingerprint time clock to your business is one of the best ways to enable automatic payroll calculations for your business. With work hours, break hours, lunch breaks, and overtime hours available in real-time, you can run payroll in 5 minutes.


Biometric time clocks are tamper-proof, avoid buddy punching, and work with employees’ fingerprints making it an ideal clock in clock out machine. 

biometric time clock

What are biometric time clocks?


A biometric time clock is a digital time clock that allows employees to clock in clock out. Using a biometric time clock, you can enable your employees to punch using their fingerprint, RFID card, PIN, or even facial recognition. Using fingerprints prevents buddy punching and is the most preferred method when using a biometric time clock. These time clocks are also rugged and can save data during internet downtime, making them ideal for many companies. ClockIt reads the data from the biometric time clocks, allowing you to run payroll in 5 minutes. In real-time, our time card calculator will quickly calculate work hours, break hours, lunch, and overtime hours.
You can use a single biometric time clock or multiple clock in clock out machines for your job sites. ClockIt time clock software will sync data across all devices and allows employees to clock in from any of the devices.

Supported Devices


ClockIt supports many industry standard biometric time clocks available in the market. Based on your needs and budget, you have the option to choose from any one of the devices that we support. If you want to see your device supported, please send us a request, and we would be happy to integrate your time clock with ClockIt.

Supports all ZKTEKO time and attendance devices.

Supports all ESSL time and attendance devices.

Support for SCHLAGE Hand Punch series (coming soon)

Support for TBS Devices (coming soon)

Device Features



ClockIt time clocks allow employees to punch using their fingerprint. You can register multiple fingerprints for each user. This is the ideal choice for companies to avoid buddy punching. Our time clock fingerprint detection algorithm is very accurate and quick at identifying employees.



These biometric time clock also support RFID cards. This means you also have the option to issue employee ID cards that can be used to clock in clock out. RFID is used in businesses that involve dirty hands like a garage.



You can also set a PIN for your employees to clock in clock out. A PIN is generally set for the admins so that they can also administer the biometric time clock along with clocking in clocking out. This is the least used method to clock in clock out.

Facial Recognition


This feature is available in the top end biometric time clocks. An employee would simply get identified by looking into the camera built into the biometric time clock. The time clock can identify the employee with a high degree of accuracy. This method is generally preferred in locations like hospitals.



Connect with Wifi or Ethernet


ClockIt biometric time clocks have multiple ways to connect to the network. You can choose a model that has either wifi or not. All models by default come with ethernet that can be easily connected to your network.



Combine powerful reporting with a powerful time and attendance device.



ClockIt biometric time clocks, when used with our time card calculator, can produce accurate reports in real-time. You can get detailed timesheet calculations for work hours, break hours, lunch and overtime hours. These reports can be generated within seconds and will ensure you get payroll done in 5 minutes.

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We use ClockIt on the web browser and added a biometric time clock to one of our manufacturing sites. Life couldn’t be easier!!



Designed to work in rough environments and 1000s of punches per day.



Biometric time clocks are meant for harsh environments and meant for rough use. These devices can easily handle thousands of employees clocking in and clocking out multiple times a day. Some of these devices are known to be in service for more than 10 years without any trouble or maintenance.

Hassle Free


Configure once and capture time and attendance data.



Setting up a biometric time clock is a one-time activity. Once done your time clock will run for years without any maintenance. These devices are meant for harsh environments and can run for years trouble-free. Our biometric time clocks are designed to handle millions of punches error-free.