Why ClockIt

ClockIt has been built keeping businesses in mind. Find out how ClockIt time, attendance and GPS solutions can help your business.

clockit time and attendance

ClockIt is easy to implement and you can get started in less than 5 minutes. ClockIt also saves you a ton of money compared to other solutions.

We understand the delicate balance between employees and hr’s. This is one of the driving forces why we developed ClockIt. ClockIt makes processes look simple and easy to implement.

clockit time and attendance

A manager is only as good as his team. Find out how ClockIt bring teams closed together and spend lesser time on managing time and attendance.

Employees are the building blocks of any company. See how ClockIt focuses on employees first and drive time and attendance with ease.


Sales teams have really powerful features to help them plan their day and report activity back to the reporting manager. With Route Planning and GPS tracking the possibilities are limitless.