Time Card Calculator

ClockIt Time Card Calculator has all the features you need.


ClockIt is a comprehensive time clock app designed to assist businesses in managing employee time, attendance, vacations, and projects. Our time card calculator with support for lunch breaks and overtime ensures accurate payroll within minutes.

Clock in and out using web, mobile, kiosk, Slack, or biometric methods, ensuring accurate timekeeping regardless of your location or device.

Automatically account for lunch breaks, rest periods, and other intervals, ensuring that employees' work hours are accurately captured.

Directly integrate with popular payroll systems, simplifying the payment process and reducing the chances of errors.

Set geographical boundaries for clocking in and out, ensuring employees are at the designated work location.

Receive instant alerts for clock-ins, clock-outs, overtime, late arrivals, and absences, keeping managers informed and proactive.

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Time Card Calculator with Lunch Break

ClockIt time card calculator supports lunch breaks.


ClockIt’s time card calculator seamlessly integrates lunch break deductions, ensuring accurate computation of work hours. With its user-friendly interface, businesses can automate payroll processes and maintain precise attendance records. This feature is essential for companies aiming for efficient time management and accurate compensation.

Accurately calculates work hours by seamlessly deducting lunch breaks.

Intuitive design ensures easy input and viewing of time data on both web and mobile.

Access and manage time card data from anywhere, anytime.

Alerts for clock-ins, clock-outs, and extended breaks keep management informed.

Generate detailed reports on work hours, overtime, and breaks for insightful workforce analysis.

Daily and Weekly Overtime

Time card calculator with daily and weekly overtime.


ClockIt’s time card calculator offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to monitor employee hours efficiently. Not only does it accurately track regular work durations, but it also automatically calculates both daily and weekly overtime. This dual overtime tracking ensures precise payroll computations and adherence to labor regulations.

Seamlessly calculates both daily and weekly overtime, ensuring comprehensive monitoring.

Adheres to labor laws by accurately tracking overtime thresholds.

Reduces manual errors and streamlines payroll processes.

Sends notifications for approaching or exceeded overtime limits.

Employees can view their overtime accruals, promoting trust and clarity.

Location and Geofencing

Include punch in punch out location and geofences into your timesheets with the ClockIt time card calculator.


Our  time card calculator enhances workforce management with its advanced location tracking feature. Integrating geofencing allows businesses to set specific geographical boundaries for clocking in and out. This ensures employees are at designated work locations, promoting accountability and operational efficiency.

Ensure employees clock in and out from designated work locations.

Track employee locations in real-time for improved management.

Set specific geographical boundaries tailored to business needs.

Minimize unauthorized or false clock-ins and clock-outs.

PTO Tracking

Account for Paid Time Off calculations and accruals with our timesheet calculator.


ClockIt’s time card calculator streamlines employee management with its integrated PTO and accrual tracking. Businesses can effortlessly monitor and manage paid time off requests, while the system automatically calculates accruals based on set policies.

Automatically calculates leave accruals based on preset policies, reducing manual errors.

Employees can view their PTO balances, fostering trust and clarity.

Simplifies the PTO request and approval workflow, enhancing efficiency.

Managers receive instant alerts for PTO requests, ensuring timely responses.

Generate detailed reports on PTO usage, accruals, and trends for informed decision-making.

Time Card Calculator

Our time card calculator algorithms ensure that you have accurate payroll in 5 minutes every single time.


ClockIt’s proprietary time card calculator sees time in milliseconds so that your work hour calculations are as precise as possible. Our server times are synced with 3 atomic clocks worldwide so that we never have any clock in and clock out time that is out of sync. ClockIt can calculate your timesheet time with ease for any date range that you select within seconds. This is what enables ClockIt time and attendance solution to get payroll done in 5 minutes flat.


This ensures that your employees have the most accurate work hour calculations and break calculations.

Powerful Reporting


Combine powerful reporting with an accurate time card calculator.


Data is only as strong as the reports that it can generate. ClockIt time and attendance solution have one of the most dynamic report modules. With custom filters, you can save your reports as segments for your employee time cards. This means you can generate over 10,000 different time card reports from just one view. What’s more is that all work hour reports for payroll can be downloaded via CSV and opened in your favorite spreadsheet software.

Work Hour Calculator


Payroll calculator that supports overtime, breaks, shifts & rosters, PTO & leaves.



ClockIt works on an automatic alternate punch algorithm. This means that any punches that are seen between the clock in and clock out will be treated as breaks. If you need to calculate the break hours for your employees as per the actual time that they take the break, this time card calculation will calculate the exact break duration. Our time card calculator can also account a fixed break duration and consider only the first and last punch for the day.

time card calculator
I was using another app to register my working hours, but Basil is always helpful, so I've changed to ClockIt! And here I can find all I need to manage my small team.



Maintain tardiness in your clock in clock out times easily.



Early clock in clock out and late clock in clock out are also calculated with the ClockIt time card calculator. These metrics become important if you would like to build a process around your team and ensure proper time and attendance. With this time card calculation feature you can ensure that your employees remain as productive as possible for their accounted work hours. 



Supports shifts and rosters with smart notifications.



Out time card calculator can accommodate multiple groups of users with different work hour requirements. You have several teams and can configure a different time card calculation for each team. This removed the pain of having multiple spreadsheets and complex calculations. ClockIt can run payroll for you within seconds once you have set up all your payroll rules.