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Collection of free tools and calculators to help you with payroll. Get payroll done faster using spreadsheets and easy to use formulae. Download calculation templates for Google Sheets and Excel.

Salary to Hourly Calculator

Convert your salary to hourly wage easily.   To convert a salary into an hourly wage, you first need to determine how many hours are worked in a year. This will usually depend on the specifics of the job, but a common assumption is a…

Time Duration Calculator

What is a Time Duration Calculator?   Calculate time between two time inputs.   A time duration calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate the duration or time difference between two given points in time. It can be used to calculate things like…

Military Time Chart and Conversions

Military Time Chart     Military Time   12-Hour Clock Format   00:00 12:00 AM 01:00 1:00 AM 02:00 2:00 AM 03:00 3:00 AM 04:00 4:00 AM 05:00 5:00 AM 06:00 6:00 AM 07:00 7:00 AM 08:00 8:00 AM 09:00 9:00 AM 10:00 10:00 AM…

Minutes to Hours

How to convert minutes to hours?   To convert minutes to hours and minutes, you can use a combination of division and modulus operations. The division operation will give you the whole number of hours, and the modulus operation will give you the remaining minutes….

Time To Decimal

How to convert time to decimal?   To convert time to decimal format, you need to determine the number of hours and minutes in the given time. Then, you can calculate the decimal representation using the following formula: Decimal Time = Hours + (Minutes /…

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GPS Location Capture and Geo Fencing.

time clock app

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