Capture Location and Geo Fence

GPS Time Clock with Geofencing


ClockIt time clock has built-in geolocation capture and geo fencing. These two features ensure that your employees only clock in clock out from the job site. You have the option to set multiple locations, job sites and geo fences that employees need to clock in and out from. View this information on Google Maps and in our payroll reports.



ClockIt captures the geolocation data from all punches and check-ins on mobile and kiosk. You can view this data in the employee profiles and reports.



Set geofences so that employees are only allowed to clock in clock out from the set locations. Each location can have its own radius and allowance. Make sure you pay for hours that only meant to be paid for.

Photo Capture


All punches and check-ins can be paired with photos to further authenticate the information. Avoid buddy punching and wrongly reported hours for payroll.

IP Restriction


Enable IP restriction to further enhance the security and authenticity of the clock in clock out information. ClockIt can detect the source IP of the punches and you can set restrictions on your account.



Customize reports and save them for easy download in CSV and Excel.

Generate accurate reports for work hour calculations and payroll. Our reports offer complex formatting options to ensure you have the report you need. With options to download reports in CSV and Excel, you can easily import these reports into any payroll processing software.

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