Employee Location Tracking

Time Clock App with Geofencing and Location


ClockIt’s time clock app revolutionizes workforce management with its advanced clock-in and clock-out location capture capabilities. Utilizing geo-fencing features, the app ensures that employees are exactly where they need to be when clocking in or out. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses seeking accurate, location-based time tracking for both on-site and remote teams.

Setup any number of job sites. Employees can clock in clock out only from these locations.

Set location accuracy and radius for each location.

Realtime location reports along with time and attendance.

Mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

clockit time clock location tracking time clock mobile app. supports geolocation and geofencing

Centrally managed geofences

Easily manage all job site geo-fences and geo-location.


Our time clock app offers robust geo-fencing features that allow admins or managers to set specific work locations remotely via their ClockIt account. This ensures that employees can only clock in or out when they are within the designated geographical boundaries. The flexibility to manage these settings remotely provides businesses with real-time control and adaptability, making it ideal for both on-site and remote teams.

Centrally managed.

Create multiple fences with ease.

Get notified when employee clock in and out.

Realtime reports.

clockit geofences centrally managed.

Clock IN clock OUT notifications

Instant notifications when employees clock in and out of geo-fenced locations.


ClockIt’s time clock app keeps managers in the loop by sending real-time notifications when employees clock in or out of geo-fenced locations. These alerts can be received on multiple platforms including mobile devices, web browsers, email, and integrated chat apps. This multi-channel notification system ensures that managers are immediately informed, enhancing oversight and accountability across the workforce.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant notifications the moment an employee clocks in or out, ensuring real-time oversight and accountability.

Multi-Platform Notifications

Get notified on a variety of platforms including ClockIt mobile apps, web, email, chat apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat.

Geo-Fencing Accuracy

Notifications are only triggered when employees are clocking within designated work zones, reducing false alerts.

Realtime Location Reports


Customize punch location reports and save them for easy download in CSV and Excel.

ClockIt’s time clock app offers comprehensive reporting features that provide detailed insights into employee locations and interactions with geo-fenced addresses. Managers can easily generate reports to analyze work hours, location compliance, and trends, all from within the ClockIt platform.


Our reporting features offer a deep dive into employee location data, allowing managers to make informed decisions.

Geo-Fence Compliance

Easily monitor and ensure that employees are adhering to geo-fenced work zones, enhancing accountability and compliance.

Time Saving

Automated reports eliminate the need for manual tracking, saving managers valuable time that can be better spent on other tasks.

Customizable Reports

Tailor reports to meet your specific needs, whether you're interested in daily attendance, monthly trends, or specific geo-fenced locations.

Download and Print

Our reports can be easily downloaded, printed and exported. We support CSV and Excel for all our reports.

Geo Location


ClockIt captures the geolocation data from all punches and check-ins on mobile and kiosk. You can view this data in the employee profiles and reports.

Geo Fencing


Set geofences so that employees are only allowed to clock in clock out from the set locations. Each location can have its own radius and allowance. Make sure you pay for hours that only meant to be paid for.

Photo Capture


All punches and check-ins can be paired with photos to further authenticate the information. Avoid buddy punching and wrongly reported hours for payroll.

IP Restriction


Enable IP restriction to further enhance the security and authenticity of the clock in clock out information. ClockIt can detect the source IP of the punches and you can set restrictions on your account.

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Commonly asked questions about ClockIt Time Clock

Location and Geo-Fencing Features.

General Questions about Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing


What is Geo-Location?

Answer: Geo-location refers to the identification or estimation of the real-world geographic location of an object or person. In the context of the ClockIt time clock app, this feature is used to track the location of employees when they clock in and out.


What is Geo-Fencing?

Answer: Geo-fencing is a feature that uses the GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. In our ClockIt app, this could be used to ensure that employees are only clocking in or out when they are within the workplace or a specified work area.


Using Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing with ClockIt


How does ClockIt use Geo-Location?

Anser: ClockIt uses geo-location to provide more accurate attendance tracking. When employees clock in or out using the app, their location is recorded. This helps ensure that employees are actually at work when they say they are, increasing the overall accuracy and integrity of your attendance data.


Can I set up a Geo-Fence with ClockIt?

Answer: Yes, ClockIt allows you to set up a geo-fence around your workplace or any other specified work location. This means you can set a virtual boundary and when employees enter or leave this boundary, they can clock in or out. If an employee tries to clock in or out outside of this boundary, the app will not allow it.


Is my location tracked all the time by ClockIt?

Answer: No, ClockIt respects your privacy. Your location is only recorded at the moment when you clock in or out. We do not track your location continuously throughout the day.

Privacy and Security Questions


What happens with the location data collected by ClockIt?

Answer: Any location data collected by ClockIt is securely stored and is only used for attendance tracking purposes. It’s not shared with any third-party. Please refer to our privacy policy for more detailed information.


Can I opt-out from the Geo-Location feature?

Answer: Yes, ClockIt allows employees to opt-out from the geo-location feature. However, please note that doing so may limit some features of the app, such as accurate attendance tracking. This setting is managed by the admin on the account.


Can I change the Geo-Fence settings?

Answer: As an administrator, you can set up and adjust the geo-fence boundaries according to your workplace requirements. Employees, however, will not have the ability to change these settings.


Technical Questions


Does using Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing drain my device’s battery?

Answer: As ClockIt only uses geo-location services at the moment when you clock in or out, the impact on your device’s battery should be minimal.


What if the GPS signal is weak or lost?

Answer: In case of a weak or lost GPS signal, the app will attempt to record the location using other means, such as Wi-Fi or cellular data. If it’s unable to determine your location, you may not be able to clock in or out until the signal is restored or a connection to another network is established. We show the GPS signal strength and the proximity of the location you must punch from.