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With our free, easy to use time card calculator, calculating your work hours is as simple as entering the hours you work each day. Our program will automatically calculate for breaks and overtime, giving you the exact number of hours you have worked, your wage calculations, the total amount of money you have earned with gross earnings, and more! Enjoy ClockIt salary to hourly calculation with just a few clicks.


Our time clock calculator is super simple to enter time. Examples: If you want to enter 3:00 PM simply type in 3p and our calculator will convert this. For 5:15 AM enter 515a. Similarly, for breaks type 130 for 1 hour and 30 mins or 015 for a 15 minute break. Simple right?

Day Start Time End Time Break Deduction Total
Regular hours
Overtime hours
Total hours
Wage ($/hour)
Regular pay
Overtime pay
Total pay

Free timecard templates for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets?


Use ClockIt’s time card templates to calculate total work duration with breaks and Paid Tiime Off (PTO). The template will automatically calculate your regular hours, overtime hours, regular pay and overtime pay.


Download Time Card Template for Google Sheets

Download Time Card Template for Microsoft Excel

free time card calculator google sheets and microsoft excel

What is a time card calculator?


A time card calculator is a tool or software application used to calculate and track the number of hours an employee has worked. It assists in determining the total work hours for an individual or a group of employees during a specific period, such as a week or a month. The purpose of a time card calculator is to automate the timekeeping process and make it more efficient and accurate.


Typically, employees record their work hours on time cards, either manually or through an electronic timekeeping system. The time card calculator takes the data from these time cards and performs calculations to determine the total hours worked, including regular hours, overtime, and any other relevant factors such as breaks or lunch periods. It may also handle additional elements like calculating pay rates, deducting lunch breaks, and applying overtime rules based on labor laws or company policies.


By using a time card calculator, employers can easily and accurately determine the amount of time worked by employees, which is crucial for calculating wages, processing payroll, and tracking attendance. It simplifies the process of managing work hours, reduces the chances of errors, and provides a reliable basis for determining employee compensation.


Time card calculators can be standalone software applications, online tools, or integrated features within broader time and attendance management systems. These tools typically offer options for customization to match specific business needs, such as configuring pay rates, overtime rules, and different types of leave or absence.

Difference between a time card calculator and a time clock calculator?


A time card calculator and a time clock calculator are both the same. They both help you input the clock in clock out time, and break duration and help with the regular hours and overtime calculations. These calculations can then be used for wage calculation.

Overtime time card calculation explained.


Overtime calculations can be tricky and it’s important to know the right way to calculate overtime pay. If you are misinformed, you could end up underpaying or overpaying your employees. Calculating overtime can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide will show you how to calculate overtime pay in a smart and easy way that will leave everyone happy.

8 hours per day


Using this time card calculator, you can calculate overtime by adding up hours if your employee has worked for more than 8 hours a day. The results will show the total hours and how many of those hours are overtime hours. Additionally, you have set your wage multiplier to 1.5 or 2 times for overtime.

40 hours per week


ClockIt is a simple time tracking app that turns your phone into an automated time clock. Just set it up, and ClockIt will calculate your overtime by adding up hours if your employee has worked for more than 40 hours a week. You can even view the weekly overtime report from anywhere!

Wage Calculations


Using this free time card calculator, you can enter your hourly wage and ClockIt will calculate the regular pay and the overtime pay. Our time calculator will also account for the breaks taken and calculate your total wage and gross pay accordingly.

Overtime Multiplier


ClockIt allows you to enter the multiplier for your overtime hours. Hours can be multiplied by 1.5 times or 2 times. This would depend on the labor laws in your country. Select the appropriate overtime multiplier to compute your overtime.

Types of time card calculators.


There are several types of time card calculators available, catering to different needs and preferences. Here are some common types:

Manual Time Card Calculator


This is a simple calculator that allows you to input the start and end times for each work shift manually. It calculates the total hours worked and may provide options to factor in breaks or lunch periods.

Electronic Time Clock


An electronic time clock system replaces traditional paper time cards with an electronic device. Employees clock in and out using a time clock terminal that records their work hours automatically. The system often has built-in software that calculates total hours worked, applies overtime rules, and generates reports.

Online Time Card Calculator


These calculators are web-based tools accessible through a browser. They allow employees to enter their work hours online, and the calculator automatically performs the calculations. Online time card calculators are often convenient for remote work or distributed teams as they can be accessed from any location.

Mobile Time Tracking Apps


These are smartphone applications that provide time tracking features. Employees can use these apps to log their work hours, breaks, and additional details like project codes or tasks. The app calculates the total hours and may offer additional features like GPS tracking or expense tracking.

Payroll Software


Many payroll software solutions include built-in time card functionality. They integrate time tracking and attendance management with payroll processing. These systems automate the entire process, from recording work hours to calculating wages and generating paychecks.

Spreadsheet Templates.


Some organizations use spreadsheet templates, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, as time card calculators. These templates often come with pre-built formulas and functions to calculate work hours, overtime, and other variables. Users can customize the templates according to their specific requirements. FREE time sheet templates by ClockIt.

Looking for timesheet templates that you can download and use on your computer or Google Sheets? Click Here

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