Time and Attendance Software


ClockIt is cloud based. This means that you can access our tools from anywhere via mobile or a web browser.


ClockIt supports over 900 biometric time and attendance models. Don't have a device? We can ship you one.

Web Punch

Use the ClockIt web portal to allow employees to punch. Especially useful for Work From Home.


Time Performance Index and Process Error. The only two metrics you need to get time and attendance right.


Search for all your employees data with just one click across all your business locations in one central dashboard.

Visual Graphs

Get accurate time and attendance information visually with graphs and drill downs.

Document Management

Manage all your employees documents, safely and securely. With data centralised you have access within seconds.

Free Updates

All customers get free updates to all the new features that we release every 30 days.


Groups, permissions and roles are built right into ClockIt to configure any complex organization structure.

Mobile Tracking

Track employee time and attendance with ClockIt mobile apps. Our apps also support route planning and tracing.

Colour Coded Calendar

Easy to read colour coded calendar helps to visualise time performance for every employee easily.

Time Correction Requests

Request for punch corrections can be raised by employees and approved by reporting managers.

The best time and attendance software period!

ClockIt isĀ built from the ground up after consulting with hundreds of companies and employees. Our keen eye of detail, highest standard of usability and design has helped ClockIt evolve to what companies seek today.

Monitor one or several business locations with just one tool.

The best reporting features available at your fingertips that lets your segment users based on behaviour.

Calculate work duration for weeks or months with the click of a button.

Overtime calculations are now as simple as one click and export to CSV.

Track employee attendance with mobile, web, biometric and Slack all under one platform.

clockit attendance audit
clockit leave calendar
clockit time dashboards

Many ways to track!

With ClockIt you can track attendance of your employees using our Android or iOS app, web portal or a biometric time and attendance device. Setup takes less than a minute and you will join hundreds of businesses in maintaining healthy records.

Track with our iOS and Android apps available on the app store.

Use web punch in and punch out to track time and attendance by using your favourite web browser.

Connect your account with Slack and let your employees punch IN and OUT using channels to infirm your entire team.

Know where your employees are travelling in realtime and assign routes to them. Check completion status of routes online.

Free updates and features.

ClockIt runs a 30 day release cycle. This means that if you find features that are critical to your business missing, let us know, we would develop this for you for free. On an average we update our platform several times a month.

clockit time and attendance software

Average release cycle of 1.5 weeks means you get updates and features regularly.

Missing feature? Speak to support and we would be happy to accomodate your request.

When you sign up to ClockIt you get the best features requested by some of the most premium companies.