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ClockIt time and attendance app is a tool that has all the features that any business could wish for. With almost all features baked in like a mobile app, web, kiosk, biometrics we are certain you will find what you are looking for in a time and attendance tool. Let employees clock in clock out and ClockIt will do the rest.

Web Punch

Use the ClockIt web portal to allow employees to punch. Especially useful for Work From Home.

Tablet Kiosk

Setup an iPad or Android Tablet as your kiosk to collect punch time. Our app is QR enabled with PIN authentication and Geo Fencing.


ClockIt supports over 900 biometric time and attendance models. Don't have a device? We can ship you one.

Mobile Apps

Track employee time and attendance with ClockIt mobile apps on both iOS and Android. Our apps also support route planning and checkins.


ClockIt allows you to punch IN and OUT using Slack on Channels and DM and share status with teams.


Rock solid reports for both analytics and payroll with one click CSV and spreadsheet files.

Leave Accruals

Manage your employee leaves, vacation and PTO with automated accruals for both days and hours.

Rounding Rules

Automatic rounding rules for punch IN and OUT for easy overtime calculations.


Groups, permissions and roles are built right into ClockIt to configure any complex organization structure.

Night Shift

ClockIt can accurately track nights shifts that cross over to the next day. Get accurate work, break and overtime calculations with rounding rules.

Colour Coded Calendar

Easy to read colour coded calendar helps to visualise time performance for every employee easily.

Time Correction Requests

Request for punch corrections can be raised by employees and approved by reporting managers.

5 Minutes

We believe payroll shouldn’t take

more than 5 minutes.

ClockIt is built from the ground up after consulting with hundreds of companies and employees. Our keen eye for detail, highest standard of usability and design have helped ClockIt evolve into what companies seek today. Every day at ClockIt we strive to make your job easier. ClockIt is a product of customer feedback we have gathered over the years.


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Calculate Overtime With Ease

Calculation of overtime with ClockIt is fully automated. Simply specify your rounding rules and your work time hours and let ClockIt handle the rest. ClockIt will automatically calculate overtime hours based on your rules.

Overtime Rounding

Specify your rounding rules to avoid paying excess wages for overtime adjustments.

Fully Automated

Overtime calculations with ClockIt are fully automated. Employees only clock in and clock out as usual


Overtime hours are captured accurately in all reports and available to the for easy payroll processing.

Many ways to track!

With ClockIt you can track the attendance of your employees using our Android or iOS app, web portal, or a biometric time and attendance device. Setup takes less than a minute and you will join hundreds of businesses in maintaining healthy records. You can use more than one method as all data cross-synchronizes.

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Web Punch

With ClockIt you can punch IN and OUT using our web portal. You can also restrict web punching with IP or Domain locking and ensure that all users are punching from the same location.

employee tracking mobile app

Mobile Punch

ClockIt’s mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android. The mobile apps are ideal for sales teams and enable GPS tracking for punches. The mobile apps also allow the user to check-in with photos and detailed descriptions.



You can also punch into ClockIt using Slack! Simply use our /clockit punch commands to punch. What’s more, is that you can use our commands on any channel or direct message to let your team members know your IN or OUT. ClockIt will automatically calculate the hours.

clockit biometric punching

Biometric Time Machines

With the ClockIt biometric device integration, users can punch using their fingerprint, RFID tags or PIN. This method avoids buddy punching and works even without a full-time internet connection. Our devices will ensure that data is saved on the internal storage.

ipad time and attendance system

Tablet Kiosk

You can enable ClockIt time and attendance systems using an iPad or Android Tablet to capture punches. Use our built-in QR code scanner to identify users. Validate punches with a PIN, Photo Capture, and Geo-Fences and capture time and attendance for multiple users.

Free updates and features.

ClockIt runs a 30-day release cycle. This means that if you find features that are critical to your business missing, let us know, we would develop this for you for free. On an average, we update our platform several times a month.