Workforce Routing Solution

Plan and assign routes for your mobile workforce.


ClockIt Route Planner is a robust tool designed to streamline the process of assigning routes to your employees, thereby optimizing workforce management and operational efficiency. The platform allows employees to easily check in and out of specified locations, providing employers with valuable data for time and attendance tracking.

Create and assign any number of routes.

Track route completion progress.

Available on both ClockIt Mobile and ClockIt web.

Available on both ClockIt Mobile and ClockIt web.

clockit time clock app with route planner.

Unlimited Routes & Locations

Create and manage unlimited number of routes for your business.


Our Route Planner offers unparalleled scalability by allowing businesses to create an unlimited number of routes, each containing unlimited locations. This feature makes it an ideal solution for enterprises of all sizes, from small local operations to large multinational logistics networks.

Create and manage unlimited routes.

Group locations into groups.

Assign routes to employees and monitor route completion and progress in realtime.

Create detailed location instructions.

clockit route planner for workforce route management.

Mobile App for iOS and Android.

See all route updates in the ClockIt mobile app. Check in and check out of locations as you complete.


ClockIt Route Planner enhances workforce efficiency by providing employees with a clear view of their assigned routes and the specific locations where they need to check in and check out. This feature fosters accountability and allows employees to plan their day more effectively. Meanwhile, employers can monitor progress in real-time, receiving instant updates on check-ins, check-outs, and route completions, ensuring seamless operations and timely deliveries.

Empowered Employees

By giving staff the ability to see their routes and check-in/check-out locations, you empower them to manage their own time more effectively.

Real-Time Monitoring

Employers can immediately see the progress of each route, including check-ins and check-outs, providing a live snapshot of operational efficiency.

Enhanced Accountability

Knowing that progress is being monitored in real-time encourages employees to adhere to schedules and routes more diligently.

Streamlined Operations

Reduce administrative overhead by automating the process of monitoring employee routes and location visits.

clockit route planner apps for ios and android

Complete Control

Set minimum distance requirements and GPS accuracy for check in check-out accuracy. Capture photos for additional information.


ClockIt Route Planner takes location accuracy to the next level by allowing users to set minimum distance requirements and GPS accuracy levels for employee check-ins and check-outs. This ensures that employees are accurately located at the designated stops, eliminating discrepancies and enhancing data reliability. For even greater verification, the platform offers an optional photo capture feature at each check-in and check-out location, providing an additional layer of accountability and enriching your reporting capabilities.

Enhanced Accuracy

Set minimum distance requirements and GPS accuracy levels to ensure precise employee check-ins and check-outs, minimizing errors in location tracking.

Visual Verification

The optional photo capture feature adds an extra layer of accountability, providing visual evidence for each check-in and check-out.

Robust Reporting

Integrate captured photos and GPS data into your reports for a more comprehensive analysis of employee performance and route efficiency.

Audit Trail

The combination of photo capture, GPS data, and distance metrics create a robust audit trail for compliance and internal reviews.

clockit route planner photo capture and gps

Realtime Reports

Get instant reports for route completion and progress.


Our reporting features allow businesses to analyze a wide range of metrics, from route efficiency and employee performance to cost savings. These detailed reports are easily accessible and can be customized to fit your operation’s specific needs and KPIs. By leveraging the insights provided, businesses can make data-driven decisions to optimize routes, enhance productivity, and improve overall service quality.

Comprehensive Analytics

Get a complete overview of your operation through extensive metrics, from route times to employee efficiency.

Customizable Reports

Tailor your reports to fit specific business needs and KPIs, giving you the insights that matter most to your operation.

Cost Analysis

Break down the costs associated with each route and identify opportunities for fuel savings and other efficiencies.

Time Tracking

Keep track of employee hours spent on the road versus at stops, providing valuable information for payroll and performance reviews.

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