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ClockIt Reports


ClockIt time clock software also comes with reports that are going to supercharge your business. You can easily pull out and format reports based on your needs. With powerful features like grouping, pinning, and filters you can customize your report in any which way you like. You can use custom reports for your payroll calculations and automate your process.

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Row Grouping


With row grouping, you can group any column. You can also group multiple groups together. This will enable you to run complex reports in real-time. This means you have infinite formats to play around with and suit your business need.



Pin one or multiple columns to the left or right. This will allow you to read reports easily and scroll through large data sets. Pinning allows you to focus on data while moving through the other columns.



Our filters and sorting will allow you to find and categorize data with ease. Combine this with grouping and you can have some really powerful reports.



ClockIt reports support excel and CSV exports to move data to your favorite spreadsheet tool. We also support selection, copy and paste if you need to move data quickly without the burden of downloading the report.


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Payroll Calculations with Awesome Features


In addition to time and attendance, the ClockIt payroll calculations also has a variety of features that are meant to go hand in hand with your business. These are the essential features that every business needs to comply with labor laws and ensure you have operations set up with the least amount of time. This is where ClockIt and our years of experience can help.


Use ClockIt payroll calculator to calculate work hours, break hours, lunch breaks, and overtime accurately in realtime with our time card calculator.


Generate detailed timesheet reports ready for payroll calculations within seconds using ClockIt timesheet calculator.


ClockIt time clock does all the heavy lifting and tracks your employees vacation and leaves with automatic leave accruals.


Our time clock apps are available for both iOS and Android and will ensure that your users can clock in clock out.


Set up our simple time clock kiosk and allow all your users to clock in clock out from one location.


Our time clock software is designed to meet your time and attendance needs with our dynamic reporting tool.