Realtime Reports


Unlock the full potential of your workforce with ClockIt Time Clock Reports


Our comprehensive suite offers Work Duration, Overtime, PTO, Tardiness, and Location Reports, giving you unparalleled insights for smarter decision-making. Streamline your operations and boost productivity by making data-driven choices with ClockIt. Complete payroll in 5 minutes.

Real-time Payroll Reports for Instant Insights.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems.

Secure, Cloud-Based Access Anywhere.

Streamline Overtime and PTO Tracking.

Customizable Report Templates.

Accurate, Error-Free Payroll Processing.

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Work Duration and Overtime


Maximize Productivity with ClockIt’s Work Duration and Overtime Reports.


Elevate your workforce management with ClockIt’s precise work duration and overtime reports. Our system accurately calculates work hours, even accounting for breaks, ensuring fair and transparent employee compensation. Stay compliant and eliminate guesswork with our automated overtime tracking features. Gain actionable insights into work patterns, helping you optimize productivity and labor costs.

Accurate Work Duration, Including Breaks.

Automated Overtime Tracking.

Employee Self-Service Features.

Compliant with Labor Laws.

Track both daily and weekly overtime.

Paid Time Off Reports


Streamline Leave Management with ClockIt’s PTO and Accrual Reports


Our PTO Balance Reports give you an instant snapshot of available and used leave, streamlining your payroll process. With our Real-Time Reporting, monitor leave trends as they happen, ensuring optimal workforce availability. Our Leave Availed Reports offer a detailed history, making compliance and auditing effortless. Accrual Reports simplify the complexities of earned leave, making it easier than ever to manage your team’s time off.

Real-Time PTO Tracking.

Accurate PTO Balance Reports.

Instant Leave Availed History.

Location Reports


Optimize Field Operations with ClockIt’s GPS Location Reports.


Elevate your workforce management with ClockIt’s GPS-based Location Reports. Every time a user clocks in or out, their location is accurately captured, ensuring transparency and accountability. Our real-time reporting allows you to monitor staff movements, optimizing field operations and remote work. Ensure compliance and safety with geo-fenced zones, making unauthorized clock-ins a thing of the past. With ClockIt, you gain a 360-degree view of your team’s location data, empowering you to make smarter operational decisions.

Enhanced Workforce Accountability.

Optimize Field Operations.

Compliance-Friendly Reporting.

Tardiness Reports


Combat Late Arrivals and Early Departures with ClockIt’s Tardiness Reports.


Boost accountability and punctuality with ClockIt’s Employee Tardiness Reports. Our system meticulously tracks late arrivals, early departures, as well as early coming and late going, offering a comprehensive view of employee time habits. Real-time reporting enables immediate action, helping you address issues before they impact productivity. With ClockIt, you can set custom alerts for specific tardiness behaviors, ensuring proactive management. Elevate your workforce discipline and optimize operational efficiency with ClockIt’s unparalleled tardiness tracking.

Real-Time Tardiness Alerts.

Comprehensive Late/Early Tracking.

Boost Team Accountability.

Improve Operational Efficiency.

Save Report Formats


Personalized Reporting Made Easy with ClockIt’s Custom Segments


Elevate your reporting experience with ClockIt’s customizable and segmentable reports. Tailor your data views to meet specific needs and save them into segments for future use. With just a few clicks, you can pull up saved segments, making report generation faster and more efficient. Whether it’s for weekly team reviews or quarterly audits, ClockIt’s segmented reports streamline your data retrieval process. Experience the ease of personalized reporting and make data-driven decisions effortlessly with ClockIt.

Customizable Report Views

Quick Data Retrieval.

Streamlined Reporting Workflow.

One-Click Segment Access.

Exportable Reports


Export ClockIt Reports to CSV and Excel for Easy Analysis


Unlock the power of data portability with ClockIt Reports, designed for your convenience. Our reports can be effortlessly exported to CSV and Microsoft Excel formats, making data analysis and sharing a breeze. Need a hard copy? You can easily download and print reports directly from our platform. Whether it’s for internal reviews, compliance audits, or team meetings, ClockIt ensures your data is accessible and ready to use. Simplify your reporting process and make data-driven decisions with ClockIt’s versatile export options.

Export Reports to CSV and Excel Easily.

One-Click Download and Print.

Versatile Data Portability and No Lockins.

Simplified Data Analysis.

Report Features

Row Grouping


With row grouping, you can group any column. You can also group multiple groups together. This will enable you to run complex reports in real-time. This means you have infinite formats to play around with and suit your business need.



Pin one or multiple columns to the left or right. This will allow you to read reports easily and scroll through large data sets. Pinning allows you to focus on data while moving through the other columns.



Our filters and sorting will allow you to find and categorize data with ease. Combine this with grouping and you can have some really powerful reports.



ClockIt reports support excel and CSV exports to move data to your favorite spreadsheet tool. We also support selection, copy and paste if you need to move data quickly without the burden of downloading the report.


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Payroll Calculations with Awesome Features


In addition to time and attendance, the ClockIt payroll calculations also has a variety of features that are meant to go hand in hand with your business. These are the essential features that every business needs to comply with labor laws and ensure you have operations set up with the least amount of time. This is where ClockIt and our years of experience can help.


Use ClockIt payroll calculator to calculate work hours, break hours, lunch breaks, and overtime accurately in realtime with our time card calculator.


Generate detailed timesheet reports ready for payroll calculations within seconds using ClockIt timesheet calculator.


ClockIt time clock does all the heavy lifting and tracks your employees vacation and leaves with automatic leave accruals.


Our time clock apps are available for both iOS and Android and will ensure that your users can clock in clock out.


Set up our simple time clock kiosk and allow all your users to clock in clock out from one location.


Our time clock software is designed to meet your time and attendance needs with our dynamic reporting tool.

Just $2.99/mo


14-day free trial | No credit card required | All features included

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Commonly asked questions about ClockIt Reports

Time Clock and Payroll


What is a Payroll Report?

Answer: A payroll report is a document that details employees’ work hours, salaries, deductions, bonuses, and net pay over a specific period. It serves as a record for businesses to track their payroll expenses, manage budgeting, and fulfill tax and legal obligations.


Why are Payroll Reports important?

Answer: Payroll reports are crucial for multiple reasons. They help businesses maintain accurate financial records, comply with tax laws, monitor employee compensation, and manage resources effectively. Moreover, these reports can assist in auditing and strategic planning.


Payroll Reports with ClockIt


What type of Payroll Reports can ClockIt generate?

Answer: ClockIt can produce a comprehensive array of payroll reports, including but not limited to: total hours worked, overtime, vacation and sick leave, deductions, wage calculations, and tax liabilities. Custom reports can also be generated to meet specific business requirements.


Can I access historical Payroll Reports in ClockIt?

Answer: Yes, ClockIt stores all your payroll data securely, allowing you to access historical payroll reports anytime you need. This feature can be particularly useful during audits, dispute resolutions, or strategic planning.


How often can Payroll Reports be generated?

Answer: With ClockIt, you have the flexibility to generate payroll reports as often as you need. Whether it’s daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom intervals, our software can accommodate your reporting needs.


Payroll Report Customization


Can I customize the Payroll Reports in ClockIt?

Answer: Absolutely! ClockIt offers flexible report customization options. You can select the data fields you want to include, the time period, the layout, and even set up automatic generation and delivery of reports based on your preferences.

ClockIt Software and Payroll Reports


How does ClockIt ensure the accuracy of Payroll Reports?

Answer: ClockIt ensures the accuracy of payroll reports through rigorous data validation processes. The software automatically calculates hours worked, overtime, and leaves, minimizing manual data entry errors.


How secure are my Payroll Reports in ClockIt?

Answer: ClockIt prioritizes data security. Your payroll reports are stored on secure servers with industry-standard encryption. We implement regular security audits and data backup procedures to protect your information.


Can I export Payroll Reports from ClockIt to other formats?

Answer: Yes, ClockIt allows you to export payroll reports in various formats like CSV, Excel, etc. This flexibility allows you to further analyze the data in your preferred software or share it with others as needed.


Does the Time Clock integrate with other Payroll Systems?

Answer: ClockIt’s time clock software seamlessly integrates with other payroll systems. The data recorded by the time clock, such as hours worked, overtime, leaves, etc., is automatically converted into payroll data, reducing errors and saving time. You can export this data via the APIs or download the CSV report.


Can ClockIt handle different Payroll regulations?

Answer: Yes, ClockIt’s software is designed to adapt to various payroll regulations. You can customize the report format to meet specific local, state, or federal laws and regulations about overtime, minimum wage, breaks, and more.