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About ClockIt

ClockIt – Time and Attendance Software

ClockIt is a workforce automation tool that helps organisations with time and attendance, time sheets, payroll and leave management. Our automation tools ensures higher process efficiencies and employee  time performance with minimum intervention. With automated reports and emails, employees and employers can keep track of their hours easily.

clockit time and attendance hardware

How does ClockIt work

Hardware and Software

ClockIt is designed to work with more than 900 biometric fingerprint time and attendance devices. If you already have a device, all you need to do is hook up your device to the internet.  If you require only GPS tracking, ClockIt will work out of the box with our mobile apps. Don’t have a device? Then use our web clock in and clock out feature to track time and attendance.

What Data Can I See with ClockIt

Dashboard and Reports

ClockIt is designed to give businesses maximum insights on performance of their employees. Our dashboards monitor Daily Time Performance Index, Process Errors, Attendance Percentages, Leaves, GEO Location etc. all under one dashboard. Our drill down algorithms ensure that you have the right information across off your businesses and individual employees. ClockIt also manages real time tracking of your employees via mobile GPS and has built in maps to monitor your workforce movement. Our detailed reports included late coming, early going, late going and early coming. Additionally ClockIt also manages employee breaks. All automated and hassle free.

clockit time and attendance dashboards
clock it time and attendance software
ClockIt dashboard metrics
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clockit employee time performance profile

Yearly Rating


Calendar View

Employee View

Mobile Access

Remote Login and Tracking

ClockIt has apps on Android and iOS. Employees can access their account for remote login and leave management. ClockIt also enables GPS tracking to monitor your workforce an help in fleet management. ClockIt is integrated with Google Maps and helps to calculate distance travelled, routes and checkins.

clockit android app
clockit workforce automation emails

How Does ClockIt  Improve Process

Automated Emails

ClockIt uses deep machine learning and data analytics to send out emails on a daily, weekly and monthly basis informing employees of their time performance, process errors and leaves. ClockIt also sends out reports to system admins about the health of your company. This helps to identify issues very early on and take corrective measures before its too late.

The ClockIt Advantage

ClockIt is designed from the ground up to meet all the time and attendance requirements that your business may have. Features are built into ClockIt with more than 10 years of experience in the industry and carefully listening to what other customers want.


This means you have access to information anywhere anytime on app and internet browser.


Our dedicated support team is always ready to help. We would love to hear your time and attendance problems.

Any Device

Track time and attendance using your mobile, browser or a biometric time and attendance device.

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