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Many ways to track time.

Choose any method to track time and ClockIt will sync data.

ClockIt syncs time clock data between devices and apps. This means you can clock in and clock out from any device, and we will sync the data in real time.

Use any browser like Google Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari to access the online time clock.

Time clock apps on iOS and Android.

Time clock app integrations within Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Chat.

Time clock kiosk apps for Android Tablets and iPads.

Time clock terminals that support Fingerprint, RFID and Facial Recognition.

Time Clock with Geolocation & GPS Location

Capture GPS location with clock in clock out.

With ClockIt, you can quickly know where your employees are clocking in and out from. With our location capture feature and real-time reports, you have updated information at your fingertips.

Capture clock in clock out location using GPS

Works on both iOS and Android ClockIt time clock apps.

Set multiple locations to clock in clock out.

Accurately control location radius and GPS accuracy using settings.

clockit time clock location tracking

Time Clock with IP Address Capture

Capture IP address when clocking in and out.

The online web time clock system makes it easy to keep track of your employees’ hours. ClockIt provides you with the IP address of your computer when you clock in and out, so you can always be sure that you’re tracking accurate data.

clockit time clock IP detection.

Specify your locations

Restrict where your employees can clock in and out from.

ClockIt is a time clock app that helps you manage your business by allowing you to restrict where your employees can clock in and out from. With ClockIt’s geofencing feature, employees can only clock in or out from the locations specified by you. This means you can save on labor costs by preventing employees from clocking in when they’re not at work. The employee time clock app is particularly useful when you have multiple job sites.

clockit geofences centrally managed.

Specify your IPs

Set IP’s where employees can clock in and out from.

Our time clock software allows you to restrict where your employees can clock in and out from. You can have multiple IP addresses, and ClockIt will allow them to only clock in and out from the addresses specified by you. Lock your time clock with your wi fi IP address so that team members can only clock in and out when connected to the office wifi. It’s perfect for companies with employees working remotely or in an onsite location and job site.

Avoid Buddy Punching

Capture photo to avoid buddy punching and account sharing

With our photo capture feature, you can ensure that the right employees are clocking in and out without sharing login credentials. We capture the photo every time your users clock in and out when enabled in your account preferences. Using our hardware solution, you can also enable facial recognition with our time clock software. With these time clock features, you can eliminate buddy punch.

clockit photo capture time clock to avoid buddy punching.

Get realtime attendance

Know who is in and who is out on a single screen.

The attendance view is updated in real-time every time your team members clock in and out. You can track time and see all attendance information on a single screen.

Realtime clock in clock out information.

View time clock data for all your job sites and locations in a single screen.

Shows employees that are on leave and holidays.

Captures Punch location and IP address.

Share screen with users with permissions.

View historical time clock data.

employee attendance sheet

Smart time clock notifications



ClockIt time clock notifications inform you about your time clock events in real time. Get notifications on your mobile app, email, directly to Microsoft Teams and Slack

Early, Late, Absent Notifications

Notifications for Admins, Managers and Employees.

Over 15 types of custom notifications.

Notifications for iOS, Android, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Automated PTO Tracking

Automatic PTO, Holidays and Leaves Tracking


ClockIt time clock solution also includes PTO (paid time off) accruals, holiday tracking, and leave tracking. Setup your accrual rules, and employees can apply for vacation days within the mobile app or the web app.

Track multiple PTO.

Supports multiple job sites.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Annual accruals.

Realtime PTO balance for employees and admins.

Setup approval flows.

Powerful PTO Reports

Shifts and Employee Scheduling



Easily schedule employees with ClockIt. Create custom schedules and specify your break and work times.

Custom shifts and schedules.

Shift notifications for employees.

Easily assign work duration and break duration.

Unlimited schedules and shifts.

Projects & Task Tracking

Track projects

Track projects along with time & attendance.

Track projects and time and attendance all in one time clock app. This allows you not only to know who is in and out and track time, but also the activities carried out in the captured work duration. ClockIt time clock app also makes task management easy. ClockIt is designed to be your perfect project management solution.

Job Codes

Get detailed activity reports with job codes and projects.

Create dynamic reports with job code categories and detailed activity reports. Run reports with pivots to generate project-wise, task wise and costing reports. Job codes help organize your task management.

Detailed Costing

Generate costing reports for your projects and task codes.

Our projects and tasks module helps you create project costing per project and per job code. This gives you the best control over your task management reporting and project insights.


Run detailed reporting with filters, pivots, grouping and download to CSV and Excel

Our reporting engine has a ton of features to customize the task management report as per your needs. With our advanced feature set, you are sure to get the report format that suits your business. What’s more, is that you can save your report format as segments for future use and also download them in CSV and Excel.


Grant project access to only employees that need them.

With ClockIt you can create projects and assign them to users who need to log time against them. This ensures that you have complete control over your project and who can log tasks against them.

Automatic and Manual

Add project time both automatically and manually.

You have the option to add your project time both automatically and manually. As an admin, you have options to allow manual time and also edit the project time if needed.

Multiple Timezone & Job Site Support

Manage multiple timezones and job sites with ease.

With ClockIt time clock software, we will make the necessary timezone calculations for you. Whether you have one office, job site, or multiple offices in different time zones, ClockIt will keep track of all the times with ease. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use tool to help manage your company’s timekeeping. Collect and gather all hours worked in one central time clock account.

Manage multiple locations

Easily manage multiple locations within a single account.

Manage timekeeping in all your job sites and locations with a single account. ClockIt time clock is the perfect solution for companies with multiple offices and employees who work across different time zones. ClockIt’s web-based interface allows you to set up a single, centralized system for managing timekeeping and attendance across your organization. This allows your employees to manage time efficiently. Our time clocks also help employees that work remotely report their time card easily. This makes ClockIt the best time clock solution to run payroll in 5 minutes.

Organize your employees

Organize and structure your users for easy reporting.

Organize your users with departments within your office locations and job sites. ClockIt attendance reporting will help you run custom reports per location and also per department.


Tag your users to create custom and unique reports.

Multiple tags can be applied to your users to further classify their attendance and time clock records. Run highly customized reports with tags, departments, and locations.

Save report formats

Save your report formats with segments so that you can run reports faster.


Save your attendance reports with segments so you can quickly run your custom payroll reports. Our time tracker report supports grouping, pivots, and filters to make your attendance data more meaningful. Download to CSV and Excel for further payroll processing.


ClockIt has been recognized and ranked with many awards making it an excellent choice for your time tracking needs. Our employee time clocks work great for small businesses and big. Our pricing makes it a perfect choice for your business.

clockit awards

3 simple steps to get your time clock app setup and ready to use


Setup your time clock account in a few minutes.

Setting up our time clock app is super easy and can be done in a few minutes! Invite your team members, download our mobile apps, and you are good to get started. We are always there to help and have tons of video tutorials, and support is always available to help you with anything. We also have extensive documentation with screenshots to help you implement the best time clock system.

Step 2

Ask employees to clock in and out.

Employees can clock in and clock out using their mobile app, web account, Slack, kiosk or biometric. You choose how you want them to punch their time with the ClockIt time clock. ClockIt will automatically sync all the data no matter where they punch from. Set geo-location rules and punch restrictions to ensure they only punch at work.

Step 3

Generate Reports

Let ClockIt work its magic and send emails to employees, managers and business owners their time and attendance performance report. Use the ClockIt Reports to generate work duration and overtime reports with one click export to CSV and Excel. With features such as filtering and grouping, you can create your own custom reports and save them as segments. So your next payroll should take you less than 5 minutes. Say goodbye to paper time sheets and spreadsheets.

Time Clock App With Awesome Features


In addition to time and attendance, ClockIt time clock software has various features that go hand in hand with your business. These are the essential features that every business needs to comply with labor laws and ensure you have operations set up with the least amount of time. This is where ClockIt timeclock systems and our years of experience can help. Our time clock software opens up a new world of opportunities to help employees manage time.


Use ClockIt time clock to calculate work hours, break hours, lunch breaks and overtime accurately in realtime with out time card calculator.


Generate detailed timesheet reports ready for payroll within seconds using ClockIt time card calculator.


ClockIt time clock does all the heavy lifting and tracks your employees vacation, leaves and PTO with automatic leave accruals.

Time Clock App

Our time clock apps are available for both iOS and Android and will ensure that your users can clock in clock out.

Time Clock Kiosk

Set up our simple time clock kiosk and allow all your users to clock in clock out from one location.


Our time clock software is designed to meet your time and attendance needs with our dynamic reporting tool.

Try ClockIt time clock software with our 14 day free trial?

ClockIt timesheets are designed from the ground up to meet all the time and attendance requirements that your business may have. Our time clock solution is designed with more than ten years of experience in the industry and carefully listening to customers’ time tracking software needs. Our time keeping software also uses the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure accurate data and calculations of employee hours. All of these make ClockIt the best time clock system available today.


This means you have access to information anywhere anytime on app and internet browser.


Our dedicated support team is always ready to help with on screen manuals for every page.

Any Device

Track time and attendance using your mobile, web, Slack, kiosk or biometric.

Free Updates

Built with love using the latest technology updated for free for every customer every 30 days.

Customer Reviews

Andrea F.
Andrea F.
30. October, 2019.
Super Easy to Use Time Clock Software it's great! it's super easy to print out the punches for the week so I can do payroll. ☺Very simple timekeeping software that's cloud based and easy to access from anywhere you can get internet access. ☹The pricing structure is per employee so I could see how that could add up fast. Sometimes there's a glitch with time off requests. You can't customize the reports at all so you need to adjust them every time.
Andrea F.
Andrea F.
26. March, 2019.
Great for Small Businesses I use ClockIt to schedule employees in a small jewelry store. We have, depending on the time of year, between 3 and 5 employees. It works great.. Sometimes the scheduling page can be a little janky if the week spans 2 months, but all in all it works great. ☺It's very inexpensive and easy to set up for a small business. ☹Some of the reports have weird setups and customer service can be hard to get a hold of.
David S.
David S.
15. December, 2018.
Very Flexible and Pleasent software This is the best cloud time attendance software we have found ☺- Nice, sleek interface - functionality of correction requests - ability to clock in via mobile - Geo Fencing ☹- Reporting is not the best one, we have to export and process - scheduling is not very flexible (drag and drop) if you have rapid shift changes for employees
Meredith S.
Meredith S.
15. November, 2018.
Works well with a small firm ☺The software does the math for you- I cannot stress enough how much easier this has made the payroll process ☹It is difficult to make corrections for simple errors
David K.
David K.
30. September, 2018.
Very usefull ☺- nice interface - TPI / PE concept - Api ☹- conects to only one reader vendor - sometimes slow
Stuart P.
Stuart P.
26. June, 2018.
Had several issues at first but customer support is pretty good about responding Faster payroll and greater customization ☺Customization. Great Customer support. Fast payroll (once you figure out how to use the filters and save preferences, its a breeze). It took me awhile to get the promised "5 minute payroll", but their customer support helped me work through some issues and bugs and now it is runner very smoothly. I suggest reading their articles on how to use the features and then if you cant find what you need there, hop on the chat and talk to the support staff, he is very helpful and usually understands the problem. I asked for an improvement on the dynamic report and they worked to implement my idea. That gave me a lot of faith in the company. ☹We still have some issues with mobile clockins. Some users get a lot of errors, however, i think this could be issues with their devices as several other users do not have issues at all. There have been a few bugs, however, such as geo-fencing errors. I hope to move to bio-metric clockins to avoid these issues. The program is not super user friendly if you don't understand computers. Its not impossibly so, but if you don't have patience and a willingness to work through it, this program can be frustrating. So its not for everyone, but i would recommend it highly.