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A simple clock in clock out software that allows you to automate payroll, track PTO, run reports, get punch notifications, and know where your employees are.

Clock in clock out using web, mobile, kiosk, desktop, Slack, Teams, Google Chat.

Supports biometrics with fingerprint, RFID & facial recognition.

Location capture and geofencing enabled.

PTO tracking and leave management.

Track projects and tasks with screenshots and idle time.

Notifications for overtime, late and early arrivals and absence.

Payroll reports in real time.

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Just $2.99/mo


14-day free trial | No credit card required | All features included

Many ways to track time.

Choose any method to clock in clock out and ClockIt will sync your timesheet.

ClockIt syncs time clock data between devices and apps. This means you can clock in and clock out from any device, and we will sync the data in real time.

Use any browser like Google Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari to access the online time clock.

Time clock apps on iOS and Android.

Time clock app integrations within Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Chat.

Time clock kiosk apps for Android Tablets and iPads.

Time clock biometric time clocks that support Fingerprint, RFID and Facial Recognition.

Desktop time clock app that tracks projects, billable hours and screenshots.

clockit time and attendance software

Complete Control

Time clock app with several options to control clock in clock out.


With ClockIt you can set geo fences and capture punch-in punch-out locations for accurate attendance. You also have the option to white list IPs and capture photos to avoid buddy punching.

Capture location and set geofences.

Whitelist IPs to clock in and clock out.

Enable photo capture and avoid buddy punching.

clockit time clock location tracking time clock mobile app. supports geolocation and geofencing

Get realtime attendance

Know who is in and who is out on a single screen.

The attendance view is updated in real-time every time your team members clock in and out. You can track time and see all attendance information on a single screen.

Realtime clock in clock out information.

View time clock data for all your job sites and locations in a single screen.

Shows employees that are on leave and holidays.

Captures Punch location and IP address.

Share screen with users with permissions.

View historical time clock data.

time clock app

Smart time clock notifications

Time Clock Notifications


ClockIt time clock notifications inform you about your time clock events in real-time. Get notifications on your mobile app, email, directly to Microsoft Teams and Slack. Easy time card calculations and real-time timesheets.

Early, Late, Absent Notifications

Notifications for Admins, Managers and Employees.

Over 15 types of custom notifications.

Notifications for iOS, Android, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Automated PTO Tracking


Automatic PTO, Holidays and Leaves Tracking with Accruals


ClockIt time clock solution also includes PTO (paid time off) accruals, holiday tracking, and leave tracking. Setup your accrual rules, and employees can apply for vacation days within the mobile app or the web app.

Track multiple PTO.

Supports multiple job sites.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Annual accruals.

Realtime PTO balance for employees and admins.

Setup approval flows.

Powerful PTO Reports

clockit time clock app with pto and accruals.

Shifts and Employee Scheduling



Easily schedule employees with ClockIt. Create custom schedules and specify your break and work times.

Custom shifts and schedules.

Shift notifications for employees.

Easily assign work duration and break duration.

Unlimited schedules and shifts.

shifts schedules and rosters

Task and Project Time Tracking

Easily track time spent on all your tasks and projects for easy client billing.


ClockIt’s task time tracking feature offers precise monitoring of time spent on individual projects, enabling teams to optimize productivity and manage resources efficiently. With real-time analytics and detailed reports.

Monitor tasks and projects in real-time for better decision-making.

Track time against budgets to prevent cost overruns.

Ideal for managing remote teams and freelancers.

Combine clock in clock out time with task tracking for detailed time reports.

time tracker app for ios and android. time clock app for time and attendance


ClockIt has been recognized and ranked with many awards making it an excellent choice for your time tracking needs. Our employee time clocks work great for small businesses and big. Our pricing makes it a perfect choice for your business.

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Get your time clock app setup in 3 easy steps.


Setup your time clock account in a few minutes.


Setting up our time clock app is super easy and can be done in a few minutes! Invite your team members, download our mobile apps, and you are good to get started. We are always there to help and have tons of video tutorials and support is always available to help you with anything. We also have extensive documentation with screenshots to help you implement the best time clock system.

Step 2

Ask employees to clock in and out.


Employees can clock in and clock out using their mobile app, web account, Slack, kiosk or biometric. You choose how you want them to punch their time with the ClockIt time clock. ClockIt will automatically sync all the data no matter where they punch from. Set geo-location rules and punch restrictions to ensure they only punch at work.

Step 3

Generate Payroll Reports



Let ClockIt work its magic and send emails to employees, managers and business owners their time and attendance performance report. Use the ClockIt Reports to generate work duration and overtime reports with one click export to CSV and Excel. With features such as filtering and grouping, you can create your own custom reports and save them as segments. So your next payroll should take you less than 5 minutes. Say goodbye to paper time sheets and spreadsheets.