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Managing employees time and attendance is difficult.

We at ClockIt believe you should be able to run payroll within 5 minutes with our time clock solution.

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How would you like to track?

ClockIt supports tracking time, attendance and geolocation via the web browser, ClockIt Mobile Attendance App, Slack, Kiosk Attendance App and biometric fingerprint readers. Choose one that suits your business and get started in just 15 minutes.






Step 2

Signup and add your employees.

Signup and create your user’s accounts. Depending on your choice of tracking use the web clock-in/clock-out, android app or biometric time and attendance device to allow employees to mark attendance. Employees can also manage time corrections, PTO and view past work duration. This means more free time for you!

Step 3

Gather Data

Let ClockIt work its magic and send emails to employees, managers and business owners their time and attendance performance report. Use the Dynamic Reports to generate work duration and overtime reports with one click export to CSV in real-time.

Time Clock With Awesome Features


In addition to basic time and attendance, ClockIt time clock software also has a variety of features that are meant to go hand in hand with your business. These are the essential features that every business needs to comply with labor laws and ensure you have operations set up with the least amount of time. This is where ClockIt and our years of experience can help.



Use ClockIt time clock to calculate work hours, break hours, lunch breaks and overtime accurately in realtime with out time card calculator.


Generate detailed timesheet reports ready for payroll within seconds using ClockIt timesheet calculator.

Employee Vacation Tracking

ClockIt time clock does all the heavy lifting and tracks your employees vacation and leaves with automatic leave accruals.

Time Clock App

Our time clock apps are available for both iOS and Android and will ensure that your users can clock in clock out.

Time Clock Kiosk

Set up our simple time clock kiosk and allow all your users to clock in clock out from one location.


Our time clock software is designed to meet your time and attendance needs with our dynamic reporting tool.

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ClockIt time clock software is designed from the ground up to meet all the time and attendance requirements that your business may have. Features are built into ClockIt with more than 10 years of experience in the industry and carefully listening to what other customers want.


This means you have access to information anywhere anytime on app and internet browser.


Our dedicated support team is always ready to help with on screen manuals for every page.

Any Device

Track time and attendance using your mobile, web, Slack, kiosk or biometric.

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