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ClockIt is a next-generation time clock app and productivity tool designed to transform how businesses manage their most valuable resource – time. Our robust, AI-driven platform offers real-time visibility into team productivity, streamlines work schedules, and simplifies task management, thereby enabling businesses to maximize efficiency and optimize their workforce.

By integrating project management, automatic time tracking, payroll and reporting into a single, user-friendly interface, ClockIt empowers companies to take control of their operations, reduce wasted time, and boost overall productivity. With ClockIt, you’re not just managing time, you’re leveraging it to fuel your business growth.

Started in 2016


ClockIt was originally conceptualized in 2016 out of a pressing internal need. At that time, we were a team of 40 dynamic professionals, each wearing multiple hats in our quest to disrupt the market with our innovative solutions. However, we quickly realized that managing our team’s clock in and clock out schedules, and handling payroll was becoming an arduous task. We needed a tool that could help us streamline these essential processes.


Our tech-savvy team took this challenge head-on, embarking on a project to develop a custom solution. We built an intuitive platform to effectively manage time tracking, task allocation, and payroll. Our objective was to ensure that no time was wasted and productivity was maximized.


What started as an in-house project soon took an unexpected turn. We quickly realized that the challenges we faced were not unique to us, but were shared by countless other businesses. This was a lightbulb moment for us. The tool we had developed for our needs had the potential to fill a significant gap in the market.


That’s how ClockIt was born – a tool created by a team that deeply understood the challenges it was designed to solve, as they had faced them firsthand. We pivoted our attention to refining and scaling this solution, with a renewed goal of helping businesses everywhere to manage their most valuable resource – time – in the most efficient manner possible.

Co-Founder – CTO


Basil Abbas


The Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at ClockIt, is a man of many passions. He is a veteran tech aficionado with an enduring love for engineering and DIY projects. His ability to blend creativity with technology is what makes him the driving force behind ClockIt’s innovative solutions. With his hands-on approach, he leads the technical team in creating products that revolutionize the way businesses manage time and productivity.

An avid cyclist, Basil strongly believes in the virtues of balance and endurance, principles he seamlessly integrates into his work ethos. He approaches each challenge at ClockIt like he would a steep trail, with determination and a plan, ensuring that every feature we roll out is robust, user-friendly, and efficient.

But perhaps the role that Basil treasures most is that of being a father. Parenthood has not only shaped his personal life but has profoundly influenced his professional outlook. He understands that every minute counts, and this has guided his vision for ClockIt. His objective is to create a tool that not only boosts business productivity but also ensures that professionals have more quality time to spend with their loved ones.

With Basil at the technological helm, ClockIt continues to evolve, breaking new grounds and setting higher standards in time management and productivity solutions. His energy, vision, and passion infuse every aspect of our work, helping us drive towards our mission to create value for businesses and their people.


basil abbas clockit founder cto

Co-Founder – Full Stack


Jaseem Abbas


The Co-Founder and resident Full Stack Developer at ClockIt, is the perfect blend of an insatiable love for coding and an undying passion for coffee. He is the heart and soul of our technical force, architecting solutions that not only resolve the pressing issues at hand but also anticipate future challenges.

A self-proclaimed coding genius, Jaseem is renowned for his ability to turn complex problems into simple, elegant solutions. His knack for seeing through the intricate layers of a problem, finding its core, and developing a swift, effective resolution is nothing short of remarkable. Jaseem’s problem-solving acumen plays a pivotal role in ClockIt’s mission to make workforce management as seamless as possible.

As tenacious as he is talented, Jaseem embodies the “never give up” spirit. He firmly believes that every problem, no matter how big or small, has a solution. This relentless determination is reflected in the way he tackles challenges at ClockIt, always pushing boundaries and setting new standards in our technology development.

But it’s not all code and algorithms with Jaseem. Outside the realms of tech, he has a deep love for coffee and has even won championships for his brew! His passion for coffee parallels his love for coding – he seeks perfection in both, constantly experimenting and learning to create the perfect blend or the optimal code.

Jaseem Abbas’ unique blend of technical wizardry, problem-solving prowess, and relentless determination is the engine that powers ClockIt’s drive towards revolutionizing workforce management. With him leading our tech development, we’re not just coding software, we’re brewing success.


jaseem abbas co founder clockit

Co-Founder – Marketing


Faraz Mohammed


Faraz Mohammed, the Co-Founder and Marketing Whizz at ClockIt, is a connoisseur of two worlds – the tantalizing realm of food and the dynamic landscape of digital marketing. With a deep understanding of SEO, marketing, and digital innovation, he is the strategic force behind ClockIt’s market positioning and brand identity.

Faraz’s expertise in digital marketing is unparalleled. His deep understanding of SEO practices and digital strategies are instrumental in positioning ClockIt as a leader in the time management and productivity market. Faraz is always ahead of the curve, anticipating industry trends and leveraging them to enhance ClockIt’s visibility and relevance.

But Faraz is more than just a digital marketer. He is a fountain of ideas, consistently generating fresh and innovative concepts that drive our business forward. His knack for spotting unique opportunities and creating impactful strategies from them is what sets him apart.

When he’s not crunching numbers or brainstorming new ideas, Faraz immerses himself in his other passion – food. Just as he appreciates the subtle nuances of a well-cooked dish, he values the nuances in marketing strategies, applying the same level of care and detail to his work. His ability to blend different elements to create a winning result is evident in both his culinary adventures and his marketing campaigns.

Faraz Mohammed’s blend of strategic acumen, creative thinking, and passion for his work drives ClockIt’s marketing strategy. His vision and leadership ensure that while ClockIt continues to innovate in technology, we also remain at the forefront of market trends and customer preferences. With Faraz leading our marketing, ClockIt isn’t just a brand; it’s a solution that businesses trust and rely on.


faraz mohammed co founder clockit