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Managing a workforce efficiently is a challenging task for any organization. ClockIt Time Clock aims to simplify this process with its cutting-edge employee scheduling software. With features like an online scheduler, mobile apps, and shift notifications, ClockIt offers a comprehensive solution for all your scheduling needs.

Instantly create and modify schedules for maximum efficiency.

Seamlessly manage schedules across multiple branches or remote teams.

Access schedules anytime, anywhere with the mobile app.

Real-time alerts for shift changes and upcoming shifts.

Easily track and accommodate employee availability.

Intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling for quick adoption.

shiftplanning and scheduling

Online Employee Schedule and Shiftplanning

Clockit Online Employee Schedule Maker


ClockIt’s Online Employee Schedule Maker revolutionizes workforce management with real-time, cloud-based scheduling. Our user-friendly web interface and mobile app offer unparalleled flexibility. Automate schedules, optimize labor costs, and stay compliant effortlessly.

Create and modify schedules instantly for maximum efficiency.

Manage schedules across multiple sites or remote teams easily.

Easily accommodate and track employee availability.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for quick schedule creation.

shiftplanning and employee scheduling software

Time Rounding

Time rounding for overtime and breaks.


ClockIt’s scheduler supports rounding up and rounding down both the IN and the OUT time. This feature helps to control overtime hours. Overtime hours add up when users clock in clock out early or leave late by a few minutes every day.

Round IN time and OUT time effectively to avoid overtime from adding up.

Opt for clocking in and out during your lunch break or set default break time.

Detailed reporting for both rounded time and actual clock in clock out time.

Shift Notifications

Remind employees about shift changes and upcoming work schedules.


Stay in the loop with ClockIt’s shift notifications across mobile, web, email, Slack, Google Chat and Microsoft Teams. Receive real-time alerts for shift changes, upcoming shifts, and more. Never miss a beat in your workforce scheduling.

Get instant notifications for shift changes and upcoming shifts.

Receive alerts on mobile, web, email, Slack, and Teams.

Reduce absenteeism with timely shift reminders.

Tailor notification settings to fit individual or team needs.

shiftplanning and employee scheduling notifications on web, mobile, slack and teams



Advance shift planning features to help you plan your resources better.



Shiftplanning is an essential part of any time clock solution to maintain accurate time and attendance records. ClockIt shiftplanning is commonly used in industries where availability of employees is highly critical to your business. Shiftplanning is also seen across industries that want to rotate employees on a regular basis. ClockIt time card calculator also works with midnight shifts and can easily calculate the work hours, break hours, lunch breaks and overtime hours with just a few clicks.



ClockIt time clock allows you to create groups and assign several employees to a single schedule. Using our shiftplanning module you can easily run payroll for work hours, break hours, lunch breaks, and overtime with a few clicks in real-time. You can also assign multiple shifts to a user and enable rotation of shifts.



ClockIt time clock can accurately calculate the lunch break using our time card calculator. You can easily run reports to get accurate work hours, break hours and overtime hours. Run payroll with just a few clicks based on your schedules using ClockIt shiftplanning.



ClockIt shiftplanning also works with shifts that cross midnight hours. ClockIt can accurately calculate hours based on your schedule. Our time card calculators and shiftplanning module will enable you to run accurate reports in real-time.



Our shiftplanning module will also capture early clock in clock out and late clock in clock out. Our color-coded calendars make it easy for you to read the work hours and break hours. The early and late clock-ins are also a part of our time card calculator and time card reports.



Feature-packed reporting tools with filters, pivots, grouping and much more.

ClockIt time clock and our shiftplanning module are designed to work hand in hand. You can generate real-time reports for all your employees with just a few clicks. Out time card reports are based on our awesome time card calculator that can accurately calculate work hours, break hours, lunch and overtime hours. This will help you run payroll in 5 minutes.

Time Card Calculator


Get payroll done in 5 minutes with our payroll calculator.

ClockIt time clock works on our proprietary time card calculator. Our time card calculator can accurately calculate the work hours, break hours and overtime hours for all employees with the clock in clock out data captured. ClockIt can capture the clock in clock out information from Web, mobile, kiosk, Slack and biometric time clocks.



Color coded calendar for easy reading

Our shiftplanning module along with our time card calculator will generate color-coded calendars so that you can visually interpret the work hours, break hours and overtime hours. These calendars are available for all employees so you can easily identify your time and attendance records.

Hour Calculator


Accurate hours calculation for payroll with our time card calculator.

ClockIt time card calculator generates accurate hours for payroll. You can generate this report with just a few clicks in real-time. Our time clock software can easily capture the clock in clock out data in various ways that you can enable for your business.

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