Time Clock Corrections

Easily request for timesheet corrections and manual time changes.


ClockIt’s timesheet corrections feature empowers employees to easily request changes to their clock-in and clock-out times, ensuring accurate time tracking and payroll. Accessible via both web and the ClockIt mobile app, this streamlines the process of submitting and reviewing manual time adjustments. Managers can quickly approve or reject these requests, making it a seamless solution for maintaining accurate and compliant time records.

Easy to use app on both web and mobile.

Notify manager and admins for timesheet corrections via mobile and email notifications.

Accurate and timely payroll with updated timesheets.

clockit timesheet corrections and manual time requests. Time card calculator features

Timesheet Corrections Notifications

Instant notifications when employees request for timesheet corrections. Approve or reject manual time requests on the move in realtime.


Timesheet corrections notification feature keeps managers in the loop by instantly alerting them of correction requests through mobile notifications and email. Whether on the move or at their desk, managers can conveniently approve or reject these requests directly within the mobile app or the email itself. This real-time notification system streamlines the approval process, ensuring timely and accurate time tracking for the entire team.

Instant Alerts

ClockIt's notification feature provides immediate alerts to managers, ensuring that time correction requests are addressed promptly, reducing delays in payroll and time tracking.

Multi-Channel Notifications

Managers receive notifications through both mobile and email, offering flexibility and ensuring that they don't miss any important requests.

One-Click Approvals

The feature allows managers to approve or reject timesheet corrections directly within the mobile app or email, making the process incredibly efficient.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Automated notifications eliminate the need for manual follow-ups, freeing managers to focus on more strategic tasks.

Know Approval Or Rejection Status

We will notify you if your time sheet correction request has been approved or rejected by your manager.

manager dashboard employee time clock notificaitons.

Timesheet Corrections Dashboard

Company-wide or team-wise timesheet corrections dashboard for easy timesheet approvals.


ClockIt’s timesheet corrections dashboard offers managers a comprehensive view of all correction requests, both company-wide and team-specific, in one centralized location. The intuitive dashboard integrates a calendar feature, visually displaying timesheet correction requests by date for easy tracking and management. Managers can easily approve or reject timesheet corrections with just a few clicks.

Centralized Management

Dashboard consolidates all timesheet correction requests into one interface, making it easier for managers to oversee time tracking across the entire organization or specific teams.

Calendar Integration

The dashboard features a built-in calendar that visually maps out all timesheet correction requests by date.

Quick Approvals

With the dashboard's user-friendly design, managers can easily approve or reject timesheet corrections in just a few clicks.

Timesheet Managers Dashboard

Allow managers to manage timesheets for their team.


ClockIt’s timesheet corrections feature for managers offers a specialized view that focuses solely on their respective teams, streamlining the approval process. This targeted approach allows managers to efficiently handle timesheet corrections without getting bogged down by company-wide data.

Team Focused

This feature allows managers to concentrate solely on their team's timesheet corrections, making the approval process more manageable and efficient.

Reduced Complexity

The feature filters out company-wide data, simplifying the dashboard and reducing the workload on managers.

Streamlined Workflow

The feature integrates seamlessly with ClockIt's broader time management system, creating a smooth, end-to-end process for time tracking and corrections within individual teams.

Employee Satisfaction

Quick and accurate approval of timesheet corrections can lead to higher job satisfaction among team members.

clockit timesheet corrections and manual time requests. Time card calculator features

Timesheet Audits

Detailed timesheet correction audits to show when corrections were requested and who approved or rejected them.


Our audit feature provides a comprehensive, transparent record of all correction activities. It meticulously logs who requested a correction, when it was requested, as well as who approved or rejected the manual time entry and when that action took place. This robust audit trail ensures accountability and compliance, serving as a valuable resource for internal reviews and regulatory audits.


This feature offers full visibility into the timesheet correction process, documenting every request and action taken, thereby ensuring complete transparency.


By keeping track of who made a request and who approved or rejected it, the feature holds both employees and managers accountable for accurate time tracking.

Time-Stamped Records

Each action is time-stamped, allowing for precise tracking of when each request and approval or rejection occurred, which is crucial for resolving any disputes or questions.

Historical Data

The feature maintains a historical record of all timesheet corrections, offering valuable insights into patterns or trends that may require managerial attention.

timesheet corrections audit

Timesheet Reports

All corrections are clearly highlighted on the reports for easy payroll processing.


The timesheet corrections reports are specifically designed to streamline payroll processing by highlighting all corrected clock-in and clock-out times. These reports also display the approval status of each correction, providing an extra layer of verification. With a timestamp indicating when each entry was last modified,

Payroll Accuracy

ClockIt's timesheet corrections reports directly contribute to more accurate payroll calculations by highlighting all corrected time entries.

Streamlined Process

These specialized reports simplify the payroll process by consolidating all necessary correction information into one easy-to-read document.

Audit Friendly

The detailed information in these reports can serve as a valuable resource during internal or external audits, providing a clear trail of all corrections and approvals.

Customizable Reports

ClockIt allows for customization of these reports to meet specific organizational needs, whether it's filtering by date range, team, or approval status.

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