Automatic PTO Tracking Software

Paid Time Off – PTO Tracking Software.


ClockIt’s PTO tracking system simplifies managing employee leave with a user-friendly interface for requests, approvals, and records. It accurately handles complex accrual calculations for all leave types and provides a real-time overview of team availability to minimize scheduling conflicts. With customizable PTO policies and mobile access, ClockIt ensures flexibility and accessibility for staff and management, making leave management a breeze.

Self service on web and mobile.

Shared leave & PTO calendar.

PTO approval flow.

Automatic PTO accruals and balances.

PTO Notifications via email and mobile notifications.

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Automatic PTO Accruals

Automatic PTO – Paid Time off accruals for easy PTO management.


ClockIt’s PTO tracking software offers dynamic accrual features that automatically calculate and update employees’ paid time off balances. With customizable accrual rules, you can tailor the system to align with your company’s specific PTO policies. The software also provides real-time tracking, making it effortless for both managers and employees to monitor available leave and usage.

Automatic accruals weekly, biweekly, monthly and yearly.

Paid time off and leaves based on employee tenure.

Custom roll over policies like zero rollover, limited rollover and unlimited rollover.

Rollover on work anniversary or yearly.

Set probation rules for pto.

PTO Adjustments

Easily adjust PTO when coming over from other tools and spreadsheets.


ClockIt’s PTO tracking software makes transitioning from other tools and spreadsheets a breeze, allowing to adjust leave and PTO balances. You can quickly upload existing data to ensure that all employee leave balances are accurately represented from day one. This seamless integration eliminates manual errors and saves time, making it convenient for both HR teams and employees.

Adjust balances easily by adding and removing days our hours.

Hand out adjusted pto on specific set dates.

Manually control the leave balance for special pto accrual requirements.

Rollover on work anniversary or yearly.

Audit PTO adjustments for record keeping.

Realtime PTO Balance

PTO balances are updated in realtime and can be accessed on the mobile app and the web account.


ClockIt’s PTO tracking empowers employees and managers to view up-to-date PTO balances on both mobile apps and web accounts in real-time. The platform syncs instantly, ensuring that accrued or used time off is immediately reflected across all devices. This real-time visibility fosters transparency and simplifies leave management for everyone.

Realtime paid time off balance on the ClockIt mobile app and web account.

Apply for PTO easily.

Track paid time off approval and rejections.

Email and Mobile app notifications for PTO approval status.

pto tracking software real time balance

Unlimited PTO Types

Create any number of PTO types and track them with individual accrual rules.


ClockIt’s allows you to manage unlimited PTO types, from vacation days to sick leave. With its customizable accrual rules, you can perfectly tailor the system to match your company’s unique leave policies. This flexibility ensures that tracking is accurate and aligned with your organizational needs, making leave management hassle-free.

Track and manage any number of PTO.

Custom accruals for each pto and leave type.

Gender based pto for maternity and paternity leave tracking.

Supports both hours and days.

Group PTO based on job sites, locations, contractors or full time employees.

clockit multiple pto tracking

PTO and Leave Calendars

Company-wide, Team and Individual leave calendars.


Our versatile PTO calendars that offer a comprehensive view of who is off, whether company-wide, team-wise, or on an individual basis. Managers can easily identify staffing levels and plan accordingly to ensure uninterrupted operations.

View company wide PTO dashboards.

Easy PTO management for admins and managers.

Shared team calendars to know who is off and who is working.

Easy workforce management during peak seasons.

clockit pto tracking software calendars and pto dashboards

Custom PTO Forms

Create custom PTO forms to capture accurate information when applying for PTO.


ClockIt’s PTO custom forms feature allows companies to design their own application forms, ensuring that they capture all the necessary information when employees apply for Paid Time Off. These customizable forms can include fields for specific details like the type of leave, reason, and any supporting documentation, making the approval process more efficient. By standardizing the information collected, employers can make more informed decisions about PTO requests, ensuring both compliance and operational efficiency.


PTO custom forms allow businesses to tailor the application process to their specific needs, ensuring that all relevant information is captured.

Streamlined Approval Process

Custom forms make it easier for managers to quickly approve or deny PTO requests, as they have all the necessary information at their fingertips.


Customizable forms ensure that companies collect the information needed to comply with labor laws and internal policies regarding leave and PTO.

Reduced Errors

Standardized forms minimize the risk of errors or omissions, leading to more accurate PTO tracking and payroll calculations.

clockit pto custom forms and templates

PTO Reports



Our PTO Balance Reports give you an instant snapshot of available and used leave, streamlining your payroll process. With our Real-Time Reporting, monitor leave trends as they happen, ensuring optimal workforce availability. Our Leave Availed Reports offer a detailed history, making compliance and auditing effortless. Accrual Reports simplify the complexities of earned leave, making it easier than ever to manage your team’s time off.

Updated PTO reports at the click of a button.



Leave & PTO Features


Vacation, Leave and PTO Tracking

Leave Types

Configure as many leaves as you wish as per your company policy, including approved holidays. ClockIt supports both days and hours. Automate PTO tracking for all your job sites.


ClockIt notifies your team via email and asks reporting managers for PTO and leave approvals. Let ClockIt do all the hard work and help hr managers relax and focus on other tasks.

Leave Calendar

Shared PTO calendars let your team know who is on leave or vacation and work smarter. Track PTO across all your job sites along with time tracking.

Automated Accruals

ClockIt supports automated leave and PTO accruals, so you don't need to calculate the vacation days or hours manually.

Leave Planner

Employees have access to their leave balance and upcoming holidays to plan their leaves better. All this is possible with our time clock mobile app available for iOS and Android for easy PTO tracking.

PTO Approval

Employees can track the status of their time off requests for approval and rejections. They can also see past PTO requests and keep track of their PTO balance.

Business Travel Requests

Manage all your business travel requests on ClockIt. ClockIt helps manage historic requests and keeps all records neat and tidy.

Travel Approvals

All business travel requests can be managed on one manager dashboard. Managers can easily approve or reject requests.

Travel Calendar

Maintain one common calendar to know who is travelling and when. Use this data in our powerful reporting.

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Commonly asked questions about ClockIt PTO tracking feature

General Features


How many employees can the ClockIt PTO tracking software manage?

The ClockIt PTO tracking software can manage an unlimited number of employees. We have plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes.


Can the software manage different types of leaves, such as vacation, sick leave, and personal days?

Yes, ClockIt software allows you to create and manage various types of leaves to suit your business needs. You can have any number of types for each of your business locations.


How does the ClockIt software handle PTO carry-over from one year to the next?

Our software automatically handles PTO carry-over. You can set the annual rules for carry-over limits and expiry dates according to your company policies. We support limited roll over, unlimited rollover and zero roll over.


Employee Accessibility and User Interface


Is there a mobile app version of ClockIt for employees to manage their PTO?

Yes, ClockIt has a user-friendly mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing employees to manage their PTO from anywhere.


Can managers approve or deny PTO requests directly within the ClockIt system?

Yes, managers can approve or deny PTO requests directly within the system or with the mobile app, streamlining the leave management process.


Does ClockIt’s PTO tracking software allow for half-day or partial-day PTO requests?

Yes, the software allows for flexible leave requests, including half-day and partial-day PTO.


Integration and Customization


Is it possible to integrate ClockIt’s PTO software with our existing HR system?

Yes, ClockIt software can be integrated with several popular HR systems. We do support API’s which you can use to pull information from ClockIt. 


How does the software handle PTO accruals, and can we customize these rules?

ClockIt provides flexible rules for PTO accruals that you can customize to match your company’s policy. We support accruals based on weekly, every two weeks, monthly, and annual.


Can we establish a maximum limit for consecutive days off within the ClockIt system?

Yes, you can set up such rules within the system, providing more control over your company’s leave policies.

Reports and Notifications


What kind of reports can be generated from ClockIt’s PTO software?

ClockIt can generate various reports, such as individual leave history, company-wide leave summary, and upcoming leave reports. Click here to learn more about the PTO reports.


Does the system provide notifications to managers about pending PTO requests?

Yes, ClockIt sends real-time notifications to managers for any new leave requests or changes to existing requests. You will receive both email notifications and mobile notifications. 


Pricing and Trial


What’s the pricing model for the ClockIt PTO software? Is it per user or a flat rate?

Our pricing is flexible and depends on the size of your organization. We offer both per-user pricing and flat-rate plans for larger organizations. Pricing page.


Is there a demo or trial version of the ClockIt software for us to test before making a purchase?

Yes, we offer a free 14-day trial version of the software so you can test out its features and ensure it’s a good fit for your organization.


Security and Support


What security measures are in place to protect employee data within the ClockIt system?

ClockIt uses state-of-the-art security measures, including encryption, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data. We are hosted on AWS and do not share any data with third-party vendors. Read our privacy policy.


What kind of support does ClockIt provide if we encounter technical issues or have queries about using the software?

ClockIt provides 24/7 support to its customers via email, chat, and phone. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any technical issues or questions.