Time and Attendance Kiosk


You can set up a tablet as your time and attendance kiosk where everyone can punch their time.

Works with QR scanning and Geo Fencing. 


With the ClockIt Kiosk all users can punch into one app without the need to login into the web portal at all times.

QR Scanning

Users can use the QR scanning feature to easily identify themselves on the app and make the PUNCH IN and PUNCH out seamless.

PIN Authentication

Set a pin for your users to authenticate every time they PUNCH IN and PUNCH OUT and avoid buddy punching.

Geo Fencing

Set up geofences to ensure that the app is functional only where it is meant to be.

Photo Audit

Photos are captured at the time of PUNCHING to ensure the authenticity of the people pinching time.


Use only features that you need by setting the preferences on the ClockIt portal.

A simple Kiosk app is all you need to get your

payroll done in 5 minutes.

ClockIt kiosk app is designed to be simple and easy to operate so that users can punch in and out with ease. Use only features that are important to you by controlling them on on your admin account. With the photo capture, PIN and geo-fencing you can ensure the authenticity of all your user’s punches.

Free updates and features.

ClockIt runs a 30-day release cycle. This means that if you find features that are critical to your business missing, let us know, we would develop this for you for free. On an average, we update our platform several times a month.