Time Tracking Kiosk Apps


Time Clock Kiosk for Time and Attendance Tracking


You can set up a tablet as your time clock kiosk and capture accurate time and attendance for all your employees with a single time clock app. Our time card calculator will ensure you have real-time reports with just a few clicks. This makes ClockIt an ideal time tracking system for your business.

Use any iPad or Android Tablet as Time Clock Kiosk.

Centralised terminal for all employees to clock in clock out.

Supports QR code based clocking in and out.

Optional photo capture to avoid buddy punching.

Supports IP lock and Geofencing to avoid timesheet fraud.

clockit time clock kiosk app for ipad

With the ClockIt time clock kiosk all users can clock in clock out into one app without the need to login into the web portal at all times.

QR Scanning

Users can use the QR scanning feature to easily identify themselves to clock in clock out.

PIN Authentication

Set a pin for your users to authenticate every time they clock in clock out and avoid buddy punching.


Set up geofences to ensure that the app is functional only where it is meant to be and avoid bogus clock in clock out.

Photo Audit

Photos are captured at the time of clock in clock out to ensure the authenticity of the people pinching time.


Use only features that you need by setting the preferences on the ClockIt time clock portal.

Easy Time Clock Solution

A simple time clock kiosk app is all you need to get payroll done in 5 minutes.

ClockIt time clock kiosk app is designed to be simple and easy to operate so that users can easily punch in and out. Use only features that are important to you by controlling them on your admin account. With the photo capture, PIN, and geofencing you can ensure the authenticity of all your employees punches. This makes ClockIt one one the best payroll system available.

Multiple Locations & Job Sites

Set up multiple job sites and ClockIt will sync the data across kiosks.

With the ClockIt time clock app on tables, you can set up multiple tables both on iOS and Android. ClockIt will sync the data across all tables and will centralize your attendance information. You can also easily identify where the punch origin is as we would identify the tablet location for you. You can setup multiple job sites all managed centrally with your admin account.

Free updates and features.

ClockIt runs a 30-day release cycle. This means that if you find features that are critical to your business missing, let us know, we would develop this for you for free. On an average, we update our platform several times a month.



Commonly asked questions about the kiosk time clock app.

General Questions


What is ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App?

ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App is a mobile application designed to turn Apple and Android tablets into effective and efficient time clock systems. Employees can use this app to clock in and out, ensuring accurate tracking of work hours.


On which devices does the ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App work?

ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App works on both Apple and Android tablets. You can also use phones that have a large screen. The tablet apps are also designed to work on mobile phones.


Setup and Installation


How do I install the Kiosk Time Clock App on my tablet?

You can download ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your tablet’s operating system. After downloading, follow the on-screen instructions to install and set up the app.


Can I integrate the Kiosk Time Clock App with other ClockIt products?

Yes, the Kiosk Time Clock App integrates smoothly with other ClockIt products and services, allowing you to analyze data from multiple sources for a complete overview of employee time and attendance.


Usage and Functionality


How many employees can use the Kiosk Time Clock App?

ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App supports multiple users. You can set up the app to recognize and record time and attendance information for all your employees.


How can I access the data from the Kiosk Time Clock App?

The data collected by the Kiosk Time Clock App can be accessed via ClockIt’s web portal or its mobile application. Both platforms offer secure login and the ability to view, analyze, and export data.


Security and Privacy


How secure is ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App?

ClockIt prioritizes user security. All data transmitted from the Kiosk Time Clock App to our servers is encrypted and securely stored. Furthermore, data access is strictly limited to authorized personnel.


Does ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App comply with privacy laws?

Yes, ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock App adheres to all relevant privacy laws. We are committed to safeguarding user privacy, and we have stringent measures in place to protect personal data.

Support and Troubleshooting


What if I encounter issues with the Kiosk Time Clock App?

ClockIt provides comprehensive support for its Kiosk Time Clock App. If you need assistance, you can contact our customer support team via phone, email, or our online chat.


What should I do if the app is not working correctly on my tablet?

First, ensure that your tablet’s operating system is up-to-date and that you have the latest version of the app installed. If problems persist, contact ClockIt’s customer support for further assistance.


Additional Features


IP Address Restriction

IP Address Restriction is a feature that allows the system administrator to define a set of permissible IP addresses from which employees can clock in or out. This means that even if an employee has the necessary login credentials, they will not be able to clock in or out unless their device is connected to an internet network that has been pre-approved by the system administrator.



ClockIt’s Kiosk Time Clock app uses Geo-Fencing to ensure that employees are only able to clock in or out when they are within the geographical boundary set by the employer. This boundary could be as small as a specific building or as large as an entire city, depending on the needs of the business.