The Manager Dashboard

ClockIt time and attendance software is┬ádesigned from the ground up so that your company gets organized with one tool. Reporting managers have one view to manage and maintain their team’s leaves, travel, routes and much more.

clockit time and attendance manager dashboard



Manager Dashboard

The manager dashboard is the one central place where a manager and see all information about his or her team. This makes it easy for approvals on leaves, business travel, team performance etc.

Team Management

Manage your entire team at one central place. No more emails all over the place. Get all the right information at the right place and time.


Focus only on your team and its data. This ensures that you are contributing to bring up processes for your entire company.


As a team, everyone is aware of who is on leave, who is travelling on business and contact information for your entire team.

Let managers manage teams

Managers can easily view and manage only their team.


ClockIt is a cloud-based time card calculator that allows managers to manage their teams. You can assign permissions to managers to view and manage their team leaves, corrections, manual time, and reports. With ClockIt’s powerful features, it’s never been easier to run your business.

clockit manager dashboard

Approve Leaves

Managers can access their team leave requests.


ClockIt is the perfect solution for managing your team’s leave requests. Managers can approve or reject requests based on the permissions assigned to them, and view the team’s leave calendar.

clockit manager dashboard

Manual Time

Approve manual time requests and time correction requests.


Our easy-to-use time card app for managers that want to approve manual time requests or time correction requests from employees. ClockIt allows managers to approve, reject or make comments on these requests just as they would with a paper timesheet. Employees can also use ClockIt to request approval when they forget to punch in and out or need to change the in and out time.

clockit manager dashboard

Business Travel

Allow employees to apply for business travel that managers can approve.


Our cloud-based platform enables employees to request for business travel. Managers can approve travel requests based on permissions. You can also view your team’s travel on a common calendar. This allows you to know who is traveling within your team.

clockit manager dashboard

Powerful Reporting

Managers can run reports and save their report formats.


ClockIt is a time tracker and reporting engine for managers who need to run reports on their team’s hours. Our advanced reporting engine supports filtering, pivots, grouping, and much more. Once you configure your report it can be saved as a segment that can be easily downloaded next time.

clockit manager dashboard

Smart Notifications

Set up notifications so that your managers can get their team updates in realtime


ClockIt is a workforce management system that notifies managers when their employees clock in and out. This way, you can get the most accurate and up-to-date reports of your team’s time, so you can be confident about your payroll. ClockIt offers 23 different notification types for various needs – from desktop notifications to chat applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat.

clockit manager dashboard