Manager Access


Manage your team’s time clock and requests with ease.


ClockIt’s time clock manager dashboard offers a streamlined view of your team’s clock-in and clock-out times, provides comprehensive reporting tools, and empowers managers to swiftly approve manual time and PTO requests. Elevate your workforce management with real-time insights and seamless operations. Experience efficiency like never before with ClockIt.

Real-time tracking of team's clock-in and clock-out times.

Comprehensive reporting tools for informed decision-making.

Swift approval system for manual time entries.

Easy-to-use PTO request and approval process.

Permission based access for managers for various features.

clockit time and attendance manager dashboard



Manager Dashboard


The manager dashboard is the one central place where a manager and see all information about his or her team. This makes it easy for approvals on leaves, business travel, team performance etc.

Team Management

Manage your entire team at one central place. No more emails all over the place. Get all the right information at the right place and time.


Focus only on your team and its data. This ensures that you are contributing to bring up processes for your entire company.


As a team, everyone is aware of who is on leave, who is travelling on business and contact information for your entire team.

Let managers manage their teams.

Managers can easily view and manage their team with dedicated manager dashboards.


ClockIt is a cloud-based time card calculator that allows managers to manage their teams. You can assign permissions to managers to view and manage their team leaves, corrections, manual time, and reports. With ClockIt’s powerful features, it’s never been easier to run your business.

Dedicated Dashboard

Dedicated manager dashboard to see time clock data for only their team.

Mobile Apps and Web

Access team information using the ClockIt Time Clock apps for mobile and web.

Time Clock Team Notifications

Set up notifications so your managers can get real-time team updates.


ClockIt’s Manager Dashboard offers robust time clock notifications that alert supervisors about various attendance-related activities of their team, such as late arrivals, early departures, overtime, tardiness, and absences. These notifications can be tailored to your preferences and are highly versatile, capable of being sent to mobile devices, web, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and email.

Multi-Channel Notifications

Receive timely attendance alerts for your team across multiple platforms like mobile, web, Slack, Teams, Google Chat, and email

Customizable Alerts:

Tailor the types of notifications you want to receive, be it late arrivals, early departures, overtime, tardiness, or absences to fit your management needs.

Real-Time Decision Making

Immediate notifications empower managers to make real-time decisions, helping to proactively resolve attendance-related issues.

Team Management

The feature is tailored for managers who need to oversee multiple team members across different job sites or timezones.

manager dashboard employee time clock notificaitons.

PTO Management for Your Team

Managers can approve, reject, and view their team’s PTO requests.


The Manager Dashboard simplifies the paid time off management process by allowing managers to easily approve, reject, and view team PTO requests in a centralized location. The intuitive interface also includes a team leave calendar, offering a comprehensive view of all scheduled absences for better workforce planning.


Team members can easily see the status of their PTO requests and available leave balance.

PTO Dashboard

Manage all team PTO requests from a single, centralized dashboard, streamlining the approval and rejection process.


View real-time updates on PTO updates, allowing for quick decision-making and immediate response to team needs.

Team Leave Calendar

The integrated team leave calendar provides a comprehensive view of all scheduled absences, aiding in effective workforce planning.

manager dashboard team pto management

Team Reports

Managers can run team time clock reports and save their report formats.


The manager dashboard includes a dedicated team function for generating time clock reports, specifically tailored for payroll processing. These reports compile all essential time-related data, including work hours, overtime, and breaks, into an easily readable format that can be downloaded and printed.

Print and Donwnload

Our reports support both CSV and Excel for easy download and export.

Timesheet Approvals

Approve timesheets making it easy for payroll processing.


View team time clock reports for overtime, work hours, break and tardiness.

Save Reports

Save report formats for one click access. Create any number of custom report segments.

Manual Time Corrections

Easily approve time clock correction requests by your team.


ClockIt’s Manager Dashboard offers a time clock correction request system, enabling team members to report forgotten clock-in or clock-out times and request adjustments easily. Managers can review these requests in real time and make the necessary changes to existing punches, ensuring accuracy in attendance tracking.

Mobile & Web

Request corrections on both the ClockIt mobile apps and web accounts.


Get realtime notifications every time your team requests for a correction. Notifications are sent to mobile, web, and email.

Corrections Dashboard

Stay on top of your team's correction requests with dedicated dashboard for approvals and rejections.

Corrections Calendar

See your team wide corrections on a single calendar to easily approve and reject requests.

team corrections and manual time with clockit. timesheet corrections and manual time made easy.

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