Track Employees in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Integration with ClockIt Time Clock.


ClockIt Time Clock seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing your workforce to clock in and out directly within the Teams environment, making adoption straightforward.

Real-time attendance data helps managers allocate tasks more efficiently.

Generate detailed work-hour reports and export for deeper analysis.

Familiar Teams App minimizes the learning curve for employees and managers.

Receive timely alerts for late arrivals, early departures, and overtime.

Ideal for remote teams, clock in and out from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams Integration ClockIt time clock app

How to use the Microsoft Teams and clockit time clock commands

Two Time Clock Commands To Get Started

@clockit punch

@clockit status

Easy One Click Install

Install and authorize once for your entire team


Effortless integration allows admins to add the ClockIt bot to their Microsoft Teams workspace easily. Employees can then clock in and out directly within Teams, eliminating the need for separate apps. This convenience encourages quick adoption and streamlines time tracking across the organization.

Once click install from the Microsoft Store.

Enable time tracking for the entire team.

Simple commands and minimum training requirements.

Realtime Attendance

Know who is in and who is out within any channel. Useful for teams and managers.


Real-time attendance tracking in Microsoft Teams via ClockIt offers immediate insights into who is currently working. As employees clock in and out, managers can view this data live, allowing for more efficient task allocation and workload management. This feature is particularly useful for remote or distributed teams, where physical oversight is not possible. The real-time data can also be crucial for making timely decisions, such as assigning urgent tasks to available team members. Overall, real-time attendance tracking enhances managerial control and team coordination, making the work process more streamlined and effective.

Know who is working, on break or not available.

Attendance information within teams including direct messages and channels.


Configure notification preferences based on your needs.


Notifications within Microsoft Teams for clocking in and out offer transparency about team members’ work status. These notifications let everyone know who is currently working, who is on a break, and who has the day off, fostering a more coordinated work environment. For managers, these alerts are particularly valuable as they provide real-time information on late arrivals or absences, enabling immediate action or adjustments to work schedules. The notifications can also help in building accountability among team members, as everyone is aware of each other’s work status. Overall, these in-app notifications enhance both team collaboration and managerial oversight, making the work process smoother and more efficient.

Configurable notifications based on your company policy.

Notifications within teams for easy communication.

Works great for distributed teams


Here are some of the biggest benefits of using the Microsoft Teams and ClockIt time clock integration for your company. Our proprietary time card calculator and timesheet calculator will ensure that you have accurate work hours, break hours and overtime hours for all your employees. The Teams HR bot ensures that employees get answers quickly.



If you have a distributed workforce, Teams integration with ClockIt time clock is an obvious choice. Effortlessly capture the clock in and clock out for your entire team in Teams. Using the Teams commands means that you would never need to login into ClockIt to punch.

Time card calculator


ClockIt time card calculator will ensure that all your work hours, break hours and overtime hours are calculated accurately and this will allow you to run payroll for all your employees within seconds. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and start saving on labor costs.



ClockIt time clock software has one of the best reporting engine backed right into its core. With more than 25 filters and options to segment clock in clock out data, you can generate more than 10,000 different types of reports from a single view. Know more about our reports.

Just $2.99/mo


14-day free trial | No credit card required | All features included



ClockIt Time Clock app and Microsoft Teams Integration



Does Microsoft Teams have attendance tracking?

Microsoft Teams itself does not have built-in comprehensive attendance tracking. However, you can integrate third-party solutions like ClockIt Time Clock to enable detailed attendance tracking within Teams.


How do I get an attendance list for Microsoft Teams?

While Microsoft Teams allows meeting organizers to download an attendance list for meetings, it doesn’t offer ongoing attendance tracking for daily work. For that, you can use ClockIt Time Clock, which integrates with Teams to provide real-time attendance data.


How do you track employee attendance in Teams?

Employee attendance can be tracked in Microsoft Teams through the ClockIt Time Clock integration. Once the ClockIt bot is added to your Teams workspace, employees can clock in and out directly within Teams, and managers can view this data in real-time.


Is there a time clock in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams does not have a native time clock feature, but you can add this functionality by integrating ClockIt Time Clock. This allows employees to clock in and out without leaving the Teams environment.


Can Teams track screen time?

Microsoft Teams does not natively track screen time.


Does Microsoft Teams have a timesheet?

Microsoft Teams itself does not have a built-in timesheet feature. ClockIt Time Clock can fill this gap by generating automated timesheets based on the clock-in and clock-out data collected within Teams.


How do I create a timesheet in MS Teams?

To create a timesheet in MS Teams, you can integrate ClockIt Time Clock. Once set up, ClockIt will automatically generate timesheets based on the attendance data collected, which can be accessed within Teams.


Does Office 365 have a timesheet?

Office 365 does not have a native timesheet feature. However, you can integrate ClockIt Time Clock with Microsoft Teams, which is part of the Office 365 suite, to enable timesheet functionalities.


Can I do payroll with Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft 365 itself does not offer payroll services. However, ClockIt Time Clock can generate detailed work-hour reports that can be exported and used for payroll processing.


Does Microsoft Teams support location tracking for clocking in and out?

Microsoft Teams does not natively support location-based tracking for clocking in and out, and therefore lacks geofencing features. To add location tracking and geofencing capabilities, you would need to integrate a third-party solution like ClockIt Time Clock, which can provide these functionalities alongside its Microsoft Teams integration. Location capture is only available via the ClockIt mobile apps for iOS and Android.