These Signs to Confirm that You Have a Terrible Boss

These Signs to Confirm that You Have a Terrible Boss

Signs that you have a terrible boss!


Bosses are not as evil as they are portrayed to be in movies. Most bosses are regular people trying to get through the day and manage their team. But, there will always be that odd one or two who make life difficult for their employees. Terrible bosses are detrimental to your mental health, career growth, and well-being in general. Horrible bosses can make your life hellish at work. They undermine you, micromanage you, belittle you, or do any other unhelpful behavior that is almost inevitable from a terrible boss. Unless you’re lucky enough to be working with great people all around you all the time, you will come across an awful boss sooner or later. Here are some signs that let you know if your boss is horrible:


Your boss is undermining you.

Bad bosses tend to undermine their employees. They might do this because they have a poor management style or they feel threatened in some way. This is a sign of a very toxic boss. If your boss undermines you, he doesn’t respect your position or ideas. He has no confidence in your ability to complete tasks and meet deadlines. If this is the case, there is little you can do about it. Some bosses are like this. Yet, if you feel your boss is undermining you, try speaking with him about it. If he doesn’t stop, you might want to look for employment elsewhere.


You feel that your efforts are unappreciated.

A terrible boss will make you feel unappreciated by reminding you of your faults and shortcomings. This is unhelpful and toxic, making you feel like you’re not doing well at work. If you think your work efforts are unappreciated, you might want to speak with your boss about it. You might also want to consider finding employment elsewhere. If you have a terrible boss, try to focus on the positives. Focus on your successes rather than your failures. Focus on what you do well, and try not to let your boss’s negativity get to you. Please focus on the fact that your boss’s negativity has nothing to do with you and everything to do with him.

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You’re micromanaged to the point of exhaustion.

Micromanagement is a toxic and unhelpful way to manage a team. If your boss is micromanaging you, he will tell you how to do your job and nag you about meeting deadlines. He will have no faith in your ability to do your job and will likely never let you do your work the way you want. If you are micromanaged to the extreme, you should consider talking with your boss. Explain to your boss that you are overworked and can’t meet deadlines if he keeps micromanaging you. If he doesn’t let up, it might be time to look for employment elsewhere. Bad bosses are not always aware that they are micromanaging. Try to explain to your lousy boss that you are overworked. You might want to try to seek out better management. For example, if you are working for a micromanaging boss, consider finding a different job where you will be managed.


terrible boss setting unrealistic expectations


Your terrible boss throws temper tantrums.

Bad bosses will often throw temper tantrums. Sometimes, these tantrums can be justified. Other times, they are unjustifiable and irrational. It will not be a fun workplace if your boss throws temper tantrums. You will be on edge, waiting for your next outburst. Bad bosses have to be reined in. If you work for a lousy boss who throws tantrums, try to find a way to navigate around them. For example, if your boss loses his temper over small things, take those things off your plate. Don’t do the things that will cause your boss to throw tantrums. This will make your life easier and will help to diffuse the situation. Bad bosses are not always aware that they are behaving. If you work for a lousy boss, try to help him and navigate around his outbursts.


You feel like you’re doing more work than necessary.

If a lousy boss employs you, you will find yourself doing things that don’t benefit you or the company. You will be given unimportant tasks you don’t want to do and feel like you are wasting your time. Bad bosses are notorious for providing employees with menial tasks that don’t need doing. Bad bosses will often assign you tasks that don’t benefit the company. You will feel like you’re doing nothing to further your career. You will feel you are being punished for something you didn’t do. Sometimes you will have a lousy boss who assigns you completely unnecessary tasks. You will feel like you are wasting your time, but you won’t be able to do anything about it. You will feel as if you can’t ask for a break, or you will be seen as ungrateful for the work that you are given.


Your co-workers feel bad for you and treat you as a result.

If you have a terrible boss, you will feel bad for yourself. You will likely bemoan your situation and feel like your world has ended. This is normal, but your co-workers might not understand. They might see you as ungrateful for the job that you have. Bad bosses cause their employees to feel terrible about their situation. If you work for a lousy boss, your co-workers are likely aware of your situation. They might feel sorry for you and treat you as a result. Bad bosses cause their employees to feel like they have no worth. If you work for a lousy boss, try to stay positive. Focus on your successes, and don’t let your co-workers’ pity get to you.


Terrible Bosses See Employees As Robots, Machines

You’ve noticed that your lousy boss treats you like a machine or a robot. If your boss sees you as a machine, you will have no input on how your department is run. You will be expected to perform tasks the same way, regardless of the importance of those tasks. Bad bosses will often treat their employees like machines. They will expect the same mission to be completed the same way every day, without fail. They will want to see a constant flow of work and will not want to be interrupted with questions. Bad bosses who treat their employees like machines will make your life difficult. You will want to find employment elsewhere as soon as possible.


terrible boss


Setting Unrealistic Goals


If your boss sets unrealistic goals for you, you will notice. Bad bosses set unrealistic goals for their employees because they want to seem productive. They want to look like they’re doing a good job, even if they aren’t. Bad bosses often set unrealistic goals because they are unorganized. They might be setting unrealistic goals because they don’t know what they should be doing. This is a sign that your boss is terrible. If your boss sets unrealistic goals for you, let them know. Explain to them that the plans are unachievable and that you won’t be able to complete them. If your boss doesn’t budge, you might want to look for employment elsewhere. Bad bosses won’t change, so you must leave them behind if you move forward in your career.


Terrible bosses Don’t Admit Their Mistakes

If your lousy boss never admits his mistakes, even when they are obvious, he is a terrible boss. Bad bosses will refuse to accept their mistakes, even when they are staring them in the face. Bad bosses are toxic people who refuse to accept their wrongdoings. Bad bosses will often refuse to accept their mistakes even when proven wrong. They will be so stubborn that they refuse to assume they are in the wrong, even after proven false. Bad bosses are toxic people who won’t change. If your boss refuses to admit his mistakes, you might want to look for employment elsewhere.

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