Are You A High Performer OR A Workaholic ?

Are You A High Performer OR A Workaholic ?

Let’s begin with asking you if you are a workaholic or a high performer? Most workaholic believe that they are high performers, but are they in reality? Read on to find out which of the two are you and leave a comment below:

1.  Value Matters:

A high performer never waits for a performance review meeting. They identify their areas of improvement and constantly works on them rather than waiting for feedback from their peers.

A workaholic, on the other hand, relies on validation of their efforts from their boss, peers or clients.

Are You A Workaholic OR A High Performer?


2.  100% Commitment:

A high performer knows when to “turn it up.” They know when they’re expected or required to give everything they have — and they save their energy for those occasions. Whereas, a workaholic goes all out all the time: “They have difficulty prioritising what’s important, therefore, everything is important in their mind.”

Are You A High Performer OR A Workaholic ?


3. Get Business Vs Being Busy:

A high performer’s primary goal is to do business and positively affect the organisation’s bottom line. Whereas a workaholic’s goal is to be busy at all times — as they believe that the busier they are or appear, the more important they must be because they feel insecure doing nothing.

Are You A High Performer OR A Workaholic ?


Now that the subtle differences between workaholics and high performers, which one do you actually identify yourself with?

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Farzi Ahmed