5 Ways to Boost Team Your Productivity

5 Ways to Boost Team Your Productivity

People are important assets to an organization. Every individual has a unique ‘motivating factor’.Understanding this ‘motivational factor’ is the key to unlocking their productivity. And once this factor has been identified, the team performance will be on the rise.

Gone are the days of a 9 to 6 day in a quiet and boring office environment, where people were expected to come, complete their daily tasks. take regularly scheduled breaks and leave dot at 6. With the Gen X & Y employees, productivity has taken a whole new meaning. Today, employees are focused on achieving their personal and professional goals and want to add value to whatever has been assigned to them. In order to boost your team productivity, you need to know their goals and help them achieve them.

But the question is, how do you know if you have hit the right chord to strike a balance between their goals?

1.Let GO:

Let go of strict schedules, conference rooms and metrics. Put a stop on micromanaging your team. You’ve hired the best people for the job – now let go, and let them do it. Always look at the big picture – stop worrying about whether the team put in 8 hours’ worth of work, and start evaluating the worth of the end product.

2. Relaxing the RULES:

As the “rules” are relaxed at the workplace, it will give them more confidence to complete their tasks. They will not hesitate to put in extra effort to ensure the expectations are met.


3. FLEXIBLE Scheduling:

Flexible scheduling or remote work arrangements can have a ‘SYNERGY’ effect in the workplace. Having employees stick to strict timelines will only stress them out leading to low-quality work and demotivating the team.

4.CLEAR Expectations:

While all of this flexibility and motivation is great for team productivity, one needs to ensure that the expected outcome is articulated well and the team understands it well.


5. OPEN DOOR Policy:

Every company has a structure of their management. However, with everything becoming one big global network, time has become a scarce resource to the leadership. While the team understands the dynamics of your role, ensuring you are available to answer the questions they have is as important as your next meeting with an investor. Also, a word of appreciation goes a long mile for the team to keep them motivated.  A simple, “Do what you think is best, but remember, you are the product owner and I expect you to deliver a flawless product” is a fantastic way to keep them motivated. It adds excitement, enthusiasm  and boosts team productivity when they are allowed to take control.

Hope these 5 tips will help you boost the team productivity and reap great results for the organization.

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Farzi Ahmed