4 Signs an Employee Should Be Fired

Signs an Employee Should Be Fired

There are many reasons why an employee might need to be fired. Maybe they aren’t pulling their weight. Maybe they have issues that make it difficult for them to work in a team. Maybe they don’t follow company policies and guidelines. Whatever the situation might be, firing an employee can often feel like a nerve-wracking experience. An employee may feel nervous to see if their manager will hide their emotions over their impending termination, or they may become anxious over what the future holds for them as they start looking for a new job. If you find yourself in this position, here are some signs that your employee may be ready to be let go.

Two weeks’ notice is not enough

If an employee is expecting to have to pack up their desk and leave in two weeks, they should have a very good reason for doing so. If they seem to be leaving because they don’t want to be there, you should probably talk to them about it. If an employee has been at your company for two weeks and hasn’t had a conversation about the future, they may be ready to move on. However, if there is a clear job description that is being met, then they may be ready to move on to something new.

The employee starts coming in late to work

If you schedule an 8:00 AM start time and your employee comes in at 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM, you might want to consider letting them go. If your company has policies regarding attendance and tardiness, you’ll want to make sure that your employee is aware of these guidelines. You might also want to consider giving your employee a “late” slip if they begin showing up late. This might make them realize that you are taking tardiness seriously, and it might also make them more aware of the fact that it is unacceptable to be late to work.

They’re constantly emailing and texting

If your employee is constantly “out of the office” emailing or texting their coworkers, this could mean one of many things. It could mean that your employee is a great worker and they’re extremely interested in the work that they’re doing. However, this could also mean that your employee is trying to find a reason to come to work. If you catch your employee “impersonating” an employee who is absent, you should fire them. This is a violation of company policy and ethics. Your employee may also be trying to find out if they are going to keep their job. This is a violation of company policy, and you should fire the employee.

Their work is getting sloppy

If an employee is suddenly making careless mistakes in their work, they should probably be fired. You want to make sure that they are focusing on the task at hand and doing their best work. You don’t want to have to fire an employee because they are careless. However, sloppy work is often a sign that an employee is working on autopilot. They may have been trying to focus on the task, but they were drawn away by other things happening in their life, and now they are neglecting their duties. You may want to consider speaking to your employee about this. It may be frustrating for them to have to work a little more slowly to finish their work and make sure that it is up to par. They may also be distracted by other things in their life. It may be helpful to have a conversation to find out where their focus is currently on hold.

They’re making excuses for being late or leaving early

If your employee is always falling behind on their work or showing up late to work, they should have a good reason. If they’re constantly falling behind on their work schedule, they probably should have asked their manager if they could have an extension on their project. If they’re constantly showing up late, they probably should have spoken to their manager about it. To make excuses is a clear sign that your employee should be fired. You can have healthy conversations with your employees around these topics, but to make excuses is disrespectful and it should be addressed.

They’re avoiding you and your team at all costs

If an employee is avoiding you and avoiding your team, it could be a sign that they want to be fired. This is a very unhealthy way to handle the situation. It is easy enough to have conversations with your employees about where they are struggling. It is entirely different to avoid them and avoid talking about things that are bothering them. If your employee is not willing to talk to you about their issues, then they will not be able to talk to anyone about them. If an employee is avoiding your team, it could be a sign that your team is avoiding them as well. If your team is avoiding an employee, then it is possible that your team does not feel comfortable talking to them. You may want to have a conversation with your manager to see if they are avoiding your team as well.

You should never hire an employee from a staffing agency

It is important that you never hire an employee from a staffing agency. Even if they seem like they have the right experience and qualifications, they may not know what they are getting into when they start working at your company. This could mean that they don’t have the right training or experience, or it could mean that they are frustrated and don’t like the way that your company works or operates. Regardless of why an employee is avoiding their job, you will never know for sure if they are doing so because they don’t want to work for your company, or if they just don’t like their job. However, you will know if they are avoiding you and avoiding your team.


Farzi Ahmed