4 Signs an Employee Should Be Fired

4 Signs an Employee Should Be Fired

4 Signs an Employee Should Be Fired

With the successful closing of yet another performance appraisal evaluation, we did identify some under-performers, a few who cannot work in teams and struggle to meet the organisational expectations. It’s strange that it isn’t these employees who cause problems which get discussed in closed rooms.

They are easy to spot because they laze around the workplace, have fun while their team struggles. Does that mean they have been unproductive? Probably they finished their part of the project and just unwinding.

Every organisation have employees who are not exceptional performers but are ‘OK’ performers. Such employees slowly destroy other employees’ performance, attitude, and morale which affects the bottom line.

So, if you see these signs in any of your employees, you need to let go of them even if they have been good performers:

  • Gossip:

It usually starts with ‘Did you hear…?’ Gossip can be good to an extent when it’s healthy and not the destructive or unproductive ones. Gossip is the most common form of grapevine in an organisation. Gossiping at workplace causes other people to respect their co-workers less. Instead of being used as a constructive grapevine, it is seen more as a medium to tarnish a colleague’s dignity and reputation.

  • The ‘after’ meetings

This is prevalent in all sizes of businesses. You will see a few of your colleagues keep mum and nod in agreement to the ideas discussed in the meeting. However, once the meeting is over, he/she calls the team together and tells them how much he/she disagrees with the points discussed in the meeting. This leads the team in not trusting the leadership.

Such people need to look out for jobs right away!

  • ‘That’s not my job’:

This usually is seen in all sizes of companies – both big and small. Especially in startups, one is required to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to get the work done irrespective of their role or position.

Great employees notice problems and jump in to resolve them without being asked. If you have employees who want to stick to whatever their job description requires them to do and carry an ‘I care only about me’ attitude, it’s time to say farewell to them.

  • Take the credit

A good employee and a good team player share the glory with the rest of the team even though he was the major contributor to the project – He credits this team, has all praises for them and always appreciates the team members. He ensures the spotlight is on the team and not on him alone. But, there are employees who take all the credit for the project completion or a successful deal closure. This breeds negativity in the team and brings down the team’s morale thereby affecting business profit margin.

These are just a few signs to help you identify the ‘bad fish’ in your pond and help you keep the pond clear and clean!

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Farzi Ahmed
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