5 Reasons Why Bosses Hate Work From Home Options

5 Reasons Why Bosses Hate Work From Home Options

They don’t know what time you started and ended work.

A boss always likes to have control. When you work from home, a boss is always lost and not sure what time you have clocked in and what time you have clocked out.


You are not available in last minute meetings.

Let’s be honest. Every company has last minute meetings scheduled, only to find out that some of the key attendees are not available for the meeting because they are woking from home. The worse part? Not having a good video call over Hangout or Skype! This becomes a total waste to even have an online meeting.


No quick status updates.

Bosses always love to have quick updates. When you work from home, this becomes very difficult for the boss to know the exact status of things.


They always think that you have not put in enough hours.

Bosses almost always believe that every employee that take the work from home option has not worked for the full 100% of the time. Can they be blamed- I am sure that once in a while we would love to take an extended break, a short nap or catch up on our favourite TV shows?


They always wonder if you are actually working.

Work from home is the exact opposite of “What You See Is What You Get”. With work from home options, a boss never gets to see what he or she is getting.



You can now convince your boss about work from home with ClockIt. With ClockIt employees can now log in and log out from home via the browser. You can use our desktop monitoring tool along with timesheets to convince your boss that work from home is now more productive than ever!

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Basil Abbas

Basil is the Founder and CTO at ClockIt. With over 8 years of experience in the products space, there is no challenge that is too big in front of him be it sales, marketing, coding, etc. A people person and loves working in a startup for perfection.

  • DeciduousZeus

    Basil, I am guessing this sentence in the last paragraph contains a typo: “With ClockIt employees can not log in and log out from home via the browser.” Did you mean to say: “With ClockIt employees can NOW log in and log out from home via the browser.”?

    • Hey,

      Thanks a lot for pointing that out. Its corrected now 🙂


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  • BuRniSBaCk

    How does hours matter! For anyone in IT and good Project tracking, all the bosses, PM’s, Tech Leads have to do is assign task with estimated deadline. Now whether they work from Home or Office, as long as the tracker is updated and they finish their assigned work .. nothing else should matter. This will boost their morale and keep the employees feeling fresh and happy even after a stressful day! 🙂

  • Avinash singh

    Awesome things here. I’m very happy to see your article. Thanks for sharing such a great information with us


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