How Does Poor Attendance Affect the Workplace

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How Does Poor Attendance Affect the Workplace

Poor attendance by employees becomes a burden on the company and the rest of the staff. Because of the drop in productivity their absence causes and the extra work handed to other staff members which impact morale, they are a financial burden to the organization.

Let us understand how a workplace is affected if an organization is not strict with administering attendance


Employees who are frequently absent from the job prevent their team members from being productive. Rather than having the team member complete his task during regular work hours, the team may have to either extend their work hours or even work on weekends – all this to adjust to certain employees not being available at work. Temporary replacements of team members due to the absenteeism of the core team member makes it extremely difficult for a manager to determine the skill set and how that employee fits into the workflow of the group.



In every organization, there are these employees who are allowed to continue an excessive number of absences without any penalty from the senior leadership – this partiality can hurt others’ performance. This leads to low productivity, poor employee morale, and a high attrition rate.


The employee is expected to develop professionally as the organization grows. When that employee has poor attendance, his performance gets affected and he is no longer able to add value to the company in helping to fulfill the firm’s growth objectives.


Team members who are left to cover for employees with poor attendance records eventually start to dislike their chronic absenteeism. Over time, this frustration can result in open conflict between staff members which will not be in the best interest of the organization.

 Getting a time and attendance software will not only help curtail poor attendance but will also help improve employee engagement.
Farzi Ahmed