Working weekends

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Working weekends

Author Laura Vanderkam once wrote that “work isn’t separate from life. It’s part of life, and weekends are part of life too.”

Today, work has become an indispensable part of our lives, and while some choose to believe work does not impact their personal lives at all – they are so wrong about it! Agree,it defines our identity – who we are, what we do for a living, when do we work and the amount of passion or lack of it, we put into our work impacting our overall lives, as well.

Keeping this in mind, do you think people working on weekends are often doing so because they have a choice? Absolutely not! People work on weekends, complete the tasks only to return on a Monday morning for the next set of tasks at work for the week and with the hope that he gets a break over the weekend – it is a vicious circle!

I am sure, you would have at some point in your career thought about- how many senior managers take time out to appreciate their team members for letting go off their weekends to finish a deliverable? Most of the times, the ‘top management’ is unaware of the extra hours put in by their team members -work on weekends or overtime just to ensure the project is delivered to the client. This behavior makes the employee feel less valued thereby bringing down his engagement at work.

With the help of ClockIt, not only the immediate manager of the employee, but also the senior management gets a preview into the time clock of each employee. So, if an employee has spent time over the weekend, it will not go un-noticed. This also helps in identifying your star performers and the team member who has gone over the board to ensure the project is delivered on time and with finesse.

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Farzi Ahmed
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