ClockIt time and attendance software

Time is of essence in a startup!

Gone are those days, when working for an MNC with a fat paycheck was appreciated in the society. “I work with a startup” is the new way of getting yourself all the attention in any social gathering!

Startups have given the advantage to all associated with it. Be it the appetite to take risks or the learnings involved being associated with it. It provides its employees a blank canvas to paint their creativity – in alignment with the goal set by the entrepreneur. This is one of the primary reasons why people have switched their job searches from MNCs to startups just to break the monotony.

For an entrepreneur, the most valuable asset in any startup work environment  is ‘time’. You’ll rarely have enough time to do what you need, and virtually never enough time to do what you want. We often assume that since time is free, we can spend as much time as required to complete a task or develop a product. Most entrepreneurs mistake time to be a hard work multiplier, but the fact is – it’s more than that. Time is a currency, and he has a limited supply of it.

Cash is the lifeblood of the business — there is no denying that. If you don’t have enough cash, your business will cease to exist. However, you can make (or lose) a lot of cash in an hour. An hour, on the other hand, will always be an hour, and you’ll only get so many in a day no matter how successful you become.

Hence, it is very important for an entrepreneur to know where the 40 hours a week of his employees is being spent on. ClockIt gives you a snapshot of the clock time and if there has been any deviation from the standards set. This helps in analysing the time performance index of the employee without you having to extract anything. We respect your time too!

Farzi Ahmed