Web Based Online Time Clock


ClockIt time and attendance solution is an online time clock that employees can use to clock in and clock out. This means employees simply login into their ClockIt account to punch time and attendance. Our web-based time clock works on any web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. In addition to just clocking in and clocking out. Employees also have access to a host of other features like PTO management, task tracking etc.

online time clock

Browser Based


The online time clock is the easiest way to get started with ClockIt. You can create your employee accounts within minutes and then have them clock in and out by simply logging into their ClockIt web account. All information is captured in real-time and available to the managers and admins of the company. In addition to just being a time clock, ClockIt time and attendance solution also have a host of other features like the time card calculators, overtime calculators etc. Employees can also request paid time off, see their time card data. ClockIt will help you avoid paper trails and have all information centralized and ready to use in seconds. You can now get payroll done in 5 minutes.



Employees have the freedom to use any browser and can clock in and out from any of the approved locations. They can also access this information when they need it both on web and our ClockIt mobile apps.



Set geolocation restrictions or IP restrictions so that employees can clock in and clock out only from locations that are approved by you. ClockIt supports restrictions on both dynamic and static IP.

Hassle Free


Enjoy the convenience of stating a time clock solution in your company with just a web browser. As you grow ClockIt has several other features that will help you scale like thousands of other companies.

Added Features


ClockIt hosts tons of other features that are designed to work as your company grows. These features come complimentary and ClockIt does not charge anything additional for them.



Data is only as strong as the reports that it can generate. ClockIt time and attendance solution have one of the most dynamic reporting module. With custom filters, you can save your reports as segments for your employee time cards. This means you can generate over 10,000 different time card reports from just one view. What’s more is that all work hour reports for payroll can be downloaded via CSV and opened in your favorite spreadsheet software.

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Automatic Break Calculations



ClockIt has the ability to calculate the break hours automatically from the punches created by your employees. ClockIt will consider all the punches between the clock in and the clock out and will smartly compute the break. ClockIt also has options to allow admins to set a fixed break time. ClockIt also has features that will allow employees to correct any missing punches after getting an approval from their reporting manager.

Self Service


ClockIt is designed to be simple to use so that your employees can log into their account and do more than just clock in and out. Our online time clock solution also has tons of other features that complement one another. This way your employees have information when they need to and can avoid expensive conflicts at the time of payroll. Employees can easily view their time cards, view vacation and PTO balances make corrections to their punches and much more.



ClockIt time and attendance allow you as a business to avoid paper trails. All information is captured and stored centrally. Any changes are audited so you know exactly how your data is affected. Imagine having access to all this information within seconds any time of the day.