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What do you expect from your Time and Attendance Software?

Now-a-days, every businessman buys an expensive timesheet software to automate time and attendance. This helps him monitor his employees and measure team productivity. Even in his absence, he is able to monitor the time clocked in by the employees and measure the team productivity. For the money he spent to subscribe this software, he is happy to get a report which captures the attendance of his employees. He sees a reduction in the unplanned leaves taken, but the problem continues. In order to ensure employees do not go on unplanned leaves, he introduces an attendance bonus to help plan staffing better. To reward the employees who have been punctual and did not avail any unplanned leaves in the month, he spends hours identifying them and calculating their payroll.Despite paying a heavy subscription fee for the software, he still spends a lot of time analyzing timesheets of employees every month.

Employee tracking, attendance monitoring, and leave management are the basic features of any attendance management system that one purchase. This is the usual problem statement for many of us working on time and attendance.

What additional feature would you expect from your timesheet software?

What do you expect from your Timesheet Software?

Today your timesheet software solution reduces labor costs by enforcing pay and work rules across the organization, yet you have to spend hours to analyze employee data or employ a financial officer to do the needful as the employee clock time data provided by the software is in the form of raw data. Timesheet Software companies are now aware of the problem statement and are working to help both small and big organization achieve efficiency in this domain.

ClockIt is your one stop shop for all your trouble. It gives you  the latest and most detailed employee activity data. With this,  you get to know how productive your workforce is in one single glance.  A very detailed data dashboard gives you consistent and accurate data across the organization. It also gives you various reports such as dashboard reports, performance reports,etc. to help you manage your teams effectively.

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Farzi Ahmed