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A Guide to Employee Tracking: The Most Effective Way of Monitoring Hours

A company’s workforce is its biggest asset. Keeping employees happy and engaged is key to a company’s success. Luckily, keeping employees happy is easier than you might think. By using employee monitoring software, you can easily keep track of the hours your employees spend on the clock and their performance. Employee monitoring software allows you to check every employee’s time card, check how often they take breaks, and even see how long they worked overtime or at night. The best employee tracking software will also allow you to set clear expectations so that employees know what they need to work towards to move up within the company or be promoted. This article will provide an overview of how employee monitoring software can help your company succeed.

What is employee tracking?

Employee tracking – The process of tracking employees’ activities and performance in a business. Employee tracking software is an online application or software used to track employees’ activities, such as hours worked, tasks completed, and time off. This can be useful for tracking employee time and managing overtime, pay rates, and hiring. Employee time tracking software enables employers to increase productivity by providing real-time data about the time employees spend on their jobs. It can also provide information about job responsibilities, project or department oversight, and much more. Employee time tracking software can be particularly useful for remote workers, as it allows for a way to track time spent on activities like responding to emails, researching information, and working on projects that are not confined to a set workday.

Benefits of Using Employee Monitoring Software

Manage employee performance: Keep track of your team’s performance. See how well each person performs and give feedback if they’re not meeting expectations. – Review employee attendance – Make sure that everyone is performing their duties. Use the software to track when employees come to work and leave, along with the tasks they were doing when they were supposed to be at work. – Set clear expectations – From the start, set clear expectations for employees regarding what they need to do to move up in the company or be promoted. 

– Track time off: Prioritize projects, communicate with clients, and plan better with the help of time off tracking. 

– Manage payroll: Easily see when employees are working, taking breaks, and how much time they spend on the clock. 

– Keep track of job responsibilities: Know the details of any tasks that need to be completed and managed by each team member.

How does Employee Tracking Software Works?

Employee time tracking software connects to each employee’s computer or time clock app and then tracks their activities. The data is then uploaded to a cloud-based service where employees and managers can view data, set notifications, and create reports. This data can be viewed by managers and team leaders who can track the hours their team members spend and use the information to set clear expectations. Employee time tracking software that is cloud-based connects to each computer, allowing managers to view data about when employees are putting in hours. Managers can set clear expectations for when employees need to be working and see how much time they spend taking breaks.

Set clear expectations from the start.

Employee expectations are critical to the success of any company. It is essential to set clear expectations for employees from the start. It is important for employees to know where they stand in the company and what they need to work towards to get promoted or move up within the company. Clear expectations help to eliminate confusion, as well as make sure that every employee knows what is expected of them and what their role is within the company. Employees should be informed of their roles and how they fit into the company at the start. 

Set clear performance benchmarks.

Another tip for setting clear performance benchmarks is to be specific. If an employee is expected to get 50 hours of work done in a week, it is better to say that they need to finish 10 hours of work that needs to be done or that they need to complete two projects than to say they need to do 50 hours of work. Employees should be able to get the exact numbers of hours that they need to work towards in order for them to move up or receive a promotion. This allows for employees to be as specific with their work as possible without being too micromanaging. Employees should be able to understand exactly what they need to work towards in order to receive a promotion or move up within the company.


Employee monitoring software can help your company succeed by keeping track of the hours your employees spend on the clock and their performance. With this information at your fingertips, you can manage employee performance better, track time off, and set clear expectations.

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