How to Get Appreciated By Your Boss in 1 month!

How to Get Appreciated By Your Boss in 1 month!

Many believe coming to work early and being one of the last ones to leave work, completing your work on time and availing less time off work gets one in the good books of the boss. Well, it may not be true in many cases. If you feel all your effort you put into your daily tasks go un-recognized or fails to recognize that time and again you go above and beyond what is required of you , what should you do? Should you confront your boss about it or learn to find other ways to feel valued at work?

Start appreciating others

If you want to feel appreciated, you need to start by appreciating others, even your boss. Let your colleagues know that they are doing a good job. Say thank you even to your boss. This idea may sound dubious at first, but with this, you will start to influence the culture of the organization, and others will return the compliments. Additionally, making others feel good should make you feel good too- it’s addictive!

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Learn to take a compliment

Not many of us are good at taking a compliment and tend to deflect one if someone gives it. Very often if someone compliments us, we shrug it off: ‘It was nothing’, ‘Just doing my job’,etc. If we can’t accept these kind words when given – even if we seldom get to hear them and far between – it becomes difficult to influence our co-workers and our boss to repeat it.

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Make your accomplishments known

Sometimes it is important that you blow your own trumpet! Instead of directly opposing your boss about him not appreciating you for all your efforts, find other ways to make him aware of your achievements.¬†A subtle approach is always more effective in letting your boss know of your accomplishments. Always focus on it’s benefits to the company – in terms of revenue or a potential impact on the bottomline.

Be happy with business-as-usual

If everything at work is smooth, and you are doing your job well, it becomes business-as-usual.¬†Sometimes it is hard to notice an employee doing a ‘great’ job when there is not a negative event to set the standard. One should find other ways to feel appreciated, such as changing your attitude and staying positive. Walking into work feeling satisfied, people may take notice of that, and they may even ask why you are so happy. And if your response to their question is, ‘I came into work and gave it 100 percent, and I leave knowing I did a great job as part of this team, and the result of my actions results in this company’s success … How about you?’ You will see the difference – what goes around comes around!

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