Employee GPS Tracking

Employee GPS Tracking

In this age of the internet being at our ready disposal, nothing seems impossible. Technology has dramatically increased employee accountability in the workplace, especially with companies propagating ‘Bring Your Own Device” policies, BYOD as it’s fondly referred to. When this policy was adapted, little did the employees know what was in store for them – they were happy to get their devices, log on to social media whenever they can. Alas! did they know this was all a trap!

The response time to reply to an email has reduced to merely a few minutes from the next business hour – thanks to our hand-held devices. In specific industries in which employees drive motor vehicles while conducting business for the employer, GPS tracking is another method of accountability which exists.

Propinquity, accessibility, and accuracy are characteristics of the GPS technology that makes it attractive to employers for the purposes of tracking the mobile workforce. Definitely, much of this has to do with the need for productivity, keeping a tab on the team members’ performance and compensate the high performers with a big fat bonus and making strategic decisions – lay offs, promote and reward the deserving employees.

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There are many different privacy protections that exist, and it is wise for employers to consider all of these specific laws which could restrict employee monitoring, and measure the potential risks involved in implementing a GPS tracking system. Keeping this in mind, mentioned below are a few best practices one can follow:

  • First, even if it is not required by law, the employer should consider obtaining a written consent from employees to install and use GPS tracking on their cell phones.
  • Secondly, the employer should have a consider limited access to GPS tracking information. The GPS tracking should be disabled post-business hours.
  • Lastly, it is best to make employees aware of the monitoring. This can be communicated to the employee/ team via a separate communication or by placing such notice in a workplace monitoring policy.

ClockIt is one such platform which will help you locate your mobile workforce and provide you with real-time data analysis.

Farzi Ahmed
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