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Free Printable Timesheet Templates for Cleaning Services


A timesheet template is a tool used by businesses, such as cleaning services, to record and track the work duration of their employees. It’s a free downloadable timesheet template that can be customized and used in various formats such as Google Sheets or Excel. This timesheet template allows for effective payroll time tracking, including clock in and clock out times, as well as any overtime hours worked. It is an essential tool for ensuring accurate time in and time out records, which are crucial for payroll purposes. Additionally, the timesheet template can be a valuable resource for managing employee productivity and efficiency.

Monthly Timesheet


ClockIt offers a free downloadable timesheet template, specifically designed to cater to the needs of the Cleaning Services industry. Our monthly timesheet templates not only track work duration but also manage overtime hours, ensuring seamless payroll time tracking. The time card template is compatible with both Google Sheets and Excel, making it user-friendly and accessible. With features such as clock in clock out and time in time out, it simplifies the process of monitoring employee work hours. These timesheet templates are an essential tool for any cleaning service business looking to streamline their time clock management and payroll processes.



Download: Excel | PDF | Google Sheets

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Weekly Timesheet


ClockIt’s Weekly Timesheet Templates offer an efficient solution for Cleaning Services to manage and track their employees’ working hours. The free downloadable timesheet template and time card template are compatible with Google Sheets and Excel, making it easy to record and calculate work duration, overtime, and other payroll-related information. The timesheet template provides a clear overview of clock in and clock out times, allowing for accurate payroll time tracking. With our easy-to-use templates, you can eliminate the hassle of manual time in and time out tracking. ClockIt’s timesheet templates are designed to streamline your time management process, ensuring accurate and efficient payroll calculations for your cleaning service business.


Download: Excel | PDF | Google Sheets

clockit weekly free timesheet template

Biweekly Timesheet Template


ClockIt offers a free downloadable timesheet template specially designed for the cleaning services industry. Our biweekly timesheet template, compatible with Google Sheets and Excel, allows you to easily record work duration, overtime, and other essential data. The timesheet template also includes a convenient time card template for effortless clock in and clock out tracking. It simplifies payroll time tracking, ensuring accurate time in and time out records for all your employees. With ClockIt’s biweekly timesheet templates, managing your cleaning service’s payroll becomes a breeze.


Download: Excel | PDF | Google Sheets

clockit free 2 weeks bi weekly timesheet template

Daily Managers Timesheet


At ClockIt, we offer an efficient and easy-to-use Daily Managers Timesheet Template designed specifically for the cleaning services industry. Our free downloadable timesheet template allows managers to effortlessly track the work duration, overtime, and clock in clock out times of their team members. The time card template can be conveniently used in Google Sheets or Excel, catering to your preference. This timesheet template simplifies payroll time tracking, ensuring accurate and fair compensation for all employees. With ClockIt’s Daily Managers Timesheet Template, you can streamline your time in time out tracking process, resulting in more productive and organized operations.


Download: Excel | PDF | Google Sheets

clockit free timesheet template daily manager

Project Timesheet


ClockIt’s FREE Project Timesheet Template is a valuable tool for the Cleaning Services industry, designed to meticulously track projects and tasks. This template allows for efficient management of time and resources, contributing to improved productivity and project execution. A standout feature is the ability to run pivot tables, enabling users to generate comprehensive and detailed reports. This functionality makes it easier to monitor and analyze project progress and workforce productivity. Moreover, the template also facilitates the tracking of project expenses, providing a clear overview of the financial aspect, which is crucial for effective budget management.


Download: Excel | PDF | Google Sheets

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Online Timesheet App

Why not automate your

payroll process with ClockIt?


Automating timesheets with ClockIt offers numerous advantages for the Cleaning Services industry. Firstly, it eliminates the possibility of human error and fraudulent time entries, ensuring accuracy in payroll processing. Secondly, it saves time and resources by automating the process of tracking, recording, and managing employee attendance and hours worked. Thirdly, it provides real-time visibility into workforce activities, enabling managers to make informed decisions and improve productivity. Lastly, with ClockIt, businesses can also manage leave and absence requests efficiently, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing disruptions.

Real Time


Compared to a timesheet template all data in a time clock app will show up immediately as soon as the user clocks in and clocks out. This means you can also have real-time reports for payroll without the need to wait for everyone to submit their timesheets.



A time clock app has apps for web, mobile, kiosk, chat, and biometrics. You have many ways to capture punch times from your employees. This also means that each user is responsible to clock in and clock out.



Corrections or edits to the time can be made easily by raising requests within the apps. You can set up approval workflows and reminders so that managers and admins can review the requested changes and approve the timesheets.



A time clock app will have many reporting features such as filters, pivots, grouping, etc that will allow your run complex reports. Reports are also updated in realtime without the need to wait for timesheets approvals and submissions.



A time clock app supports built-in scheduling and templating. It is as simple a scheduling users and they get informed within the app. You can make changes on the fly and all apps are updated in realtime.



You can set realtime notifications as all the clock in and clock out information is stored on your time clock account. So you can now know as soon as a person is late, leaving early or not turned up to work at all.

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Payroll Report


ClockIt Payroll Reports are an essential tool for the cleaning services industry, providing accurate and comprehensive data on employee work hours and payment details. This advanced software not only tracks the time spent by cleaning staff on each job, but also calculates their wages based on the hours worked, ensuring fair and accurate payroll management. The reports generated by ClockIt are easy to understand and can be customized to meet the specific needs of any cleaning business. They offer insights into labor costs, helping business owners make informed decisions about staffing and budgeting. Furthermore, ClockIt Payroll Reports streamline the payroll process, reducing administrative workload and minimizing the risk of errors.



With row grouping, you can group any column. You can also group multiple groups together. This will enable you to run complex reports in real-time. This means you have infinite formats to play around with and suit your business need.



Pin one or multiple columns to the left or right. This will allow you to read reports easily and scroll through large data sets. Pinning allows you to focus on data while moving through the other columns.



Our filters and sorting will allow you to find and categorize data with ease. Combine this with grouping and you can have some really powerful reports.



ClockIt reports support excel and CSV exports to move data to your favorite spreadsheet tool. We also support selection, copy and paste if you need to move data quickly without the burden of downloading the report.



You can create complex reports with the pivot feature. A pivot table with timesheet information will allow you to run business analytics on really useful data metrics.



Create powerful reports and segments and save them for future use. You can create segments for your managers and also for the admins and push critical business data.

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