ClockIt Kiosk Time Clock Kiosk App

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ClockIt Kiosk Time Clock Kiosk App

ClockIt Time Clock Kiosk is our offering of a simple time clock kiosk app to manage time and attendance for your employees. This iPad and Android Tablet time card application allow business owners to set up an iPad or Android tablet in your office where employees can clock in and out. Our time clock app allows multiple users to punch into the same app.

Optional features like GPS tracking and photo capture ensure that buddy punching can be avoided. Users can also be authenticated using a PIN during punch IN and OUT.

With the kiosk app, employees clock in and clock out into a kiosk rather than opening the web browser.

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The ClockIt Time Clock Kiosk app also features a QR code reader that employees can use to flash their ID cards and be identified by ClockIt for easy punch IN and punch OUT. QR codes for every employee are auto-generated and can be easily downloaded and printed onto employee ID cards.

Our timesheet calculator will ensure that you have the most accurate work time, break time, and overtime calculations for all your employees in your company.


The ClockIt Time Clock Kiosk app allows businesses to set up geofences, so punches are always captured only from the set locations.
All data captured on the Time Clock Kiosk is saved on the user profile so that admins can easily view the time and attendance activity using one central web portal.



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So now you can capture time and attendance using Mobile, Web, Slack, Biometric and ClockIt Kiosk. You now have one more way to capture punches to achieve payroll in under 5 minutes!

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