The 11 Best Clock-in and Clock-out Apps You Can't Live Without

The 11 Best Clock-in and Clock-out Apps.

Did you know that the average employee spends about one hour each workday Clock-in and Clock-out of their computer, tracking time on tasks, and meetings or training? That’s not exactly what we’d call efficient. for all of us, there’s a solution: Time-tracking apps dedicated to helping employees clock in and out with as little hassle as possible. These apps make tracking time easy by eliminating the need to track every minute or carry around a cumbersome time card. They come with many features that can improve your organization’s workflow—and help you get paid faster! Here are 11 expert-recommended apps you can’t live without if you want to save time and money for clocking in and out.


Toggl is the world’s most used time tracking app. It’s also one of the most full-featured apps on this list: You get 15 different integrations, 59 different reports, and a built-in timer to ensure you stay on task. It’s also an excellent option for managing virtual teams, thanks to its native iPhone app. If you’re looking for a comprehensive time tracking solution that can replace your clunky time card, Toggl is a great bet. It does everything from helping you set up employee schedules to calculating payroll. It’s also among the most affordable options on this list. This app is best for: Those who want a full-time tracking solution. Toggl Pricing: Starts at $9/month

Cloud Timer

Cloud Timer is an easy-to-use time tracking app that keeps it simple: You click “start” and “stop” when you start and end a project. This app is perfect for remote teams since it has a built-in calendar feature. It also makes creating team members and projects easy and exporting project data. Cloud Timer’s desktop app is easy to use if you prefer to use a desktop app instead of a mobile app. This is an excellent option for freelancers or small teams that don’t need a full-featured time-tracking app. It’s also very affordable, making it one of the best time-tracking apps for startups. This app is best for Remote teams or freelancers who want a simple way to track time. Cloud Timer Pricing: Free to $15/user/month


If you’re looking for a great time-tracking app for growing teams, Harvest is a great option. Unlike most time-tracking apps, Harvest is designed to work across different platforms, including the web, Mac, PC, and mobile. It also comes with several integrations, including a built-in time board. It’s an excellent option for managing many projects across different departments. Harvest also features strong reporting capabilities that include employee insights. It’s an excellent option for companies that want high control over their time tracking. Harvest also features a visual time entry process that makes it easy to use. This app is best for Growing teams who need a customizable time tracking app. Harvest Pricing: Free to $99/month

Ninja Clock

If cost is a significant factor in your time-tracking app selection process, you’ll want to look closer at Ninja Clock. Ninja Clock is the most affordable option compared to many other apps on this list. It also has a straightforward design that makes entering time easy enough for even the most basic employees. Ninja Clock also integrates with several popular project management systems, making tracking time and project progress easy. If you need a simple time tracking app that won’t break the bank, Ninja Clock is a good option. This app is best for Teams looking for a simple and affordable time tracking app. Ninja Clock Pricing: Free for individuals, $5/month per person for teams

Pro Timer

If you’re looking for a time tracking app that can work across all team members’ devices, you’ll want to give Pro Timer a closer look. This time tracking app is web-based and works across any device. It also has several integrations and comes with a visual time board, making it easy for team members to track time and see the project status. If you need a time tracking app that’s easy to use across all your team members’ devices, Pro Timer is a good option. This app is best for All-in-one time tracking solutions that work across many devices. Pro Timer Pricing: Free to $19/month


If you’re looking for an easy way to track time against project tasks, you’ll want to check out ClockIt. This time tracking app integrates with project management tools, letting you track time against project tasks. It also integrates with several other productivity apps, making it easy to collect data from various sources. ClockIt also features a built-in time estimator, making it easy to forecast project completion times. If you need a time tracking app that works with project management systems, ClockIt is a good option. This app is best for Teams who need a time tracking app that integrates with project management systems. ClockIt Pricing: Free for 14 days, $29/month for teams up to 10 users.


If you’re looking for a flexible time tracking app that can work across all your devices, you’ll want to give Syncronine a closer look. This time tracking app is designed to work across desktop and mobile devices, making tracking time from any device easy. It also has integrations for project management systems and a built-in calendar, making managing employee schedules and tasks easy. If you need an all-in-one time tracking solution that works across multiple devices, Syncronine is a good option. This app is best for Organizations that need a multi-device time tracking app. Synchronize Pricing: Free to $25/month

Tomato Timer

If employee tracking is one of your biggest time tracking problems, you’ll want to check out Tomato Timer. This time tracking app lets you control the employee clock. You can require employees to clock in and out using their phones or track time using a biological clock that you can place about anywhere. This makes it easy to get accurate time-tracking data from employees without nagging them to clock in and out. Tomato Timer is a good option if you’re looking for a time-tracking app that will let you take control of your clocking. This app is best for Organizations that need a hands-on way to track employee time. Tomato Timer Pricing: Free to $15/month
Bottom line: Which time tracking app is best for you?
When choosing a time-tracking app, you’ll want to consider your organization’s needs and your employees’ preferences. Please look at each app to see how it compares to your current workflows and the features you’re looking for. You can also use our comparison table above to get a quick snapshot of each app. When you’re ready to switch, there’s no need to worry about changing back: Most apps also let you export your data, making it easy to move between apps if you want to try something new.
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