FREE PTO Tracking Template For Remote Workers


At ClockIt, we understand the unique challenges that come with managing remote workers, especially when it comes to tracking paid time off (PTO). That’s why we’ve created a FREE, downloadable PTO tracking template, designed to streamline this process. Our simple yet effective template is available in both Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheet formats, making it easier than ever to manage and track your remote team’s PTO.

FREE Downloadable printable PTO template


Managing remote workers’ paid time off (PTO) can be a daunting task. However, with ClockIt’s FREE, downloadable, and printable PTO tracking template, this process is made simple and efficient. This user-friendly tool, available in both Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheet formats, allows you to effortlessly track various types of PTO, including sick days, vacation days, and maternity and paternity leave. By providing a clear overview of your team’s PTO, this tracker enhances transparency and facilitates smoother operations. Thus, our PTO template is an invaluable resource for ensuring accurate and seamless tracking of your remote team’s paid time off.



Google Sheets PTO Template | Excel PTO Template

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How to use this PTO spreadsheet template

Update your employees.

Update your employee names into the PTO tracker under the employee names. You can filter the employees later if you want to create a PTO report. Use the Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets filters, and you can have a per-employee PTO report.


Update your different leave types.

You can create up to 6 different leave types. Name your PTO and assign short names to them. The working of this template is straightforward. It would simply count the number of times the off day short name appears in the 52 weeks. For Example, to create sick leave, you can name your PTO “Sick Leave” and assign “SL” as the short name. Then when employees take sick leave, you can update SL into the calendar, and this template will total the PTO days. Here is another example. If you want a PTO tracker template for vacation days, name your PTO “Vacation Days” and name the short name “VD”. Update the paid time on the calendar with the short name VD and the tracking spreadsheet will sum up the PTO.


Update public holidays.

Update the public holidays into the tracker. Your hr department can save time and avoid using multiple PTO sheets and use a single PTO template saving time. Keeping track of PTO is not simple with our spreadsheet templates. With this sheet, you can track multiple job sites and any number of employees. Be it vacation time, sick time, or maternity leave, this calendar worksheet will give you the relevant information.

Why not automate your

PTO Tracking?


ClockIt’s PTO features are designed to streamline the process of managing employee time off for remote workers. The automatic accruals feature calculates and updates PTO balances in real time, ensuring accuracy and eliminating manual tracking. Employees can easily check their leave balance through mobile apps available for both iOS and Android, providing convenience and real-time updates. Managers and admins can swiftly approve PTO requests through real-time PTO reports, thus maintaining a smooth workflow. The updated PTO balance and employee self-service features empower employees to manage their own time off, while the automation of PTO tracking helps in reducing administrative workloads and increasing efficiency.

Automatic Paid Time Off Tracking

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