Time Clock X990 FP+RFID Ethernet


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Biometric Time Clock with Fingerprint Recognition, RFID/Proximity Card, and PIN

Works with Ethernet/LAN

Manage up to 3000 employees with ease.


Biometric Time Clock with Fingerprint, RFID, and PIN


Introducing ClockIt Time Clock, the all-in-one solution for your attendance and access control needs. With its robust and versatile authentication options—fingerprint scanning, PIN, and RFID—this device offers a seamless blend of security and convenience. Designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing HR systems, ClockIt Time Clock is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to streamline operations while enhancing security.


Key Features

Multi-Modal Authentication: Choose from fingerprint scanning, PIN, or RFID to tailor the device to your specific security requirements.

Quick and Accurate: Advanced algorithms ensure rapid and precise identification, minimizing queues at entry points and maximizing operational efficiency.

Attendance Management: Real-time tracking and reporting capabilities make it easy to manage attendance, reducing administrative workload.

Access Control: Define and control access to various areas within your facility, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter sensitive zones.


Connectivity Options




Adding your device to your ClockIt account. 

Configuring your firewall with ClockIt time clocks.

Adding users to your ClockIt time clock and registering fingerprints with face data. 

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