Time clock software for small business

Time clock software for small business

Time clock software for small business

What is a time clock software?

A time clock software is a software tool used to track your employee attendance, work hours duration, paid time off, and leaves. Be it a small business, medium business or an enterprise, a time clock software is a must for your human resources to be fully functional. ClockIt is a time clock software that is built to run in the cloud and priced for small as well as medium businesses. The earlier you implement a time clock software for your small business, the easier it would be to scale operation when needed.

Why do you need a time clock software?

A time clock software for your small business allows your company’s human resources to be organized. In many countries and states, it is mandatory to maintain a clock in clock out register. A time clock software not only tracks time but also tracks overtime, work duration, employee paid time off, holidays etc. A time clock software also automated your payroll with real-time reports. You no longer need to maintain excel sheets and paper hours tracking that takes a ton of time to process every month. With a time clock software, you can automate your process payroll in less than 5 minutes.

Features of a time clock software.

Here are some of the features that a time clock software for small business can help with.


When you run a time clock software for your small business, you have real-time information at any time. This means that your reports are always up to date and available on-demand for you and your payroll company. Traditional timekeeping spreadsheets and paper timesheets are only ready at the very end. These timesheets also tend to have errors which can lead to a lot of back and forth and hence delays in payroll processing. With real-time reporting, employees take the responsibility to ensure that their work hours captured is correct and error-free. If changes are to made, employees can request a change and have them approved. This way your employees ensure that all clock in clock out information is correct before the payroll date. As a small business, this can prove to be a huge benefit.


As you hire employees, you would also need to track their paid time off and come up with a suitable pto policy. A pto policy is mandatory for your small business as it helps to keep all your employees leaves organized. Employees are also well informed of their PTO and help to avoid conflicts later on. By setting up an accrual policy, your time clock software will take care of all accruals automatically. This can save you a lot of time as you need not track the pto days or hours in a spreadsheet.


When you use time clock software for your small business, all approvals for changes are routed via the reporting manager. This means that any change to clock in clock out or pto needs approvals. Employees can raise this request, or you as an admin can do it on their behalf. Moreover, all changes are audited to ensure that you know exactly when and who was responsible for any changes to your account information.


A time clock software also has powerful notifications. You can set up notifications to fire every time an employee does not show up, is late, leaves early etc. Notifications are available on mobile, email, and chat. By having a time clock software that works this way all employees are always kept informed and leads to less error at the time of payroll processing.

Multiple ways to track

By using a time clock software, your small business can not track employees using a mobile phone with the ClockIt app, kiosk apps, chat apps, biometric devices and web.



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