Time rounding for attendance and overtime calculations.

time rounding for payroll

Time rounding for attendance and overtime calculations.

Clockit it allows time rounding for both PUNCH IN and PUNCH OUT. With our rounding functions, you can calculate overtime calculations with ease. What’s more is that you can specify both positive rounding and negative rounding. Depending on your company policies you may only apply either one of the two.

To understand this further let me explain with two examples.

Positive Time Rounding

Positive time rounding is used mainly to avoid over time build up for very small amounts of time. Let’s say a few minutes every day can add up to a few hours by the end of the month. To avoid this you can apply a positive rounding of time. Say, you have a 15-minute positive rounding and let’s say that your IN time is 9:00 AM and OUT time is 6:00 PM. If an employee arrives at 8:50 AM his IN time will automatically be rounded off to 9:00 AM. This will ensure that 10 minutes is not accounted towards overtime. Similarly, if the employee leaves at 6:05 PM the positive rounding will his/her out time will be rounded to 6:00 PM.

But if the employee arrives at 8:30 AM then his/her IN time will be considered at 8:30 AM and he/she will receive a 30 minute overtime for the IN punch. Again if the employee leaves at 7:00 PM then he/she will get a 1 hour overtime for the out punch totaling to 1 hour and 30 mins total overtime for the day.


Negative Time Rounding

The negative time rounding of time is used mainly to give the employee a little flexibility to come a little late or leave a little early from work. For example, say, this is set to -15 mins and your IN time is set to 9:00 AM and out time is set to 6:00 PM. If the employee arrives at 9:10 AM the IN time will automatically be taken as 9:00 AM. If the employee leaves at 5:45  then the OUT time will automatically be adjusted to 6:00 PM.

But if the employee arrives at 9:30 AM then 9:30 will be considered as the IN time and he will be marked late by 30 mins. He/she will need to make up for this lost time.


Doing these time rounding calculations manually can take up a lot of time, fortunately, in ClockIt this is automated on a daily basis so that you can run our 1 click reports for your payroll period. Click here to know more about rounding. If you would like to know more about our reports click here.

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