Time Clock for Law Firms

Track Billable Hours using ClockIt Time Clock for Law Firms


Clockit’s time clock solutions empower law firms to meticulously track billable hours with unparalleled accuracy, streamlining invoicing and ensuring full compliance with legal regulations. By automating time tracking and offering insightful reporting, our system frees attorneys and staff to focus on serving clients rather than managing timesheets.

Precise time tracking ensures every billable minute is accounted for.

Clock in clock out using Web, Mobile, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat.

Realtime reports for billable hours, working hours and overtime.

Comprehensive and customizable reporting features.

Supports geofencing and location-based tracking.

Track billable hours for each client for easy invoicing.

track time for lawyers and attorneys

Track billable hours

Track billable hours for each client with ClockIt time clock for law firms.


Clockit streamlines the billing process by accurately capturing every billable minute spent on client matters, eliminating manual timesheet entries and reducing errors. Its intuitive interface allows for easy categorization of time spent per client, making invoice generation quick and hassle-free.

Track billable and non billable hours using ClockIt Time Tracker.

Send detailed, transparent invoices that reflect precise work hours.

Tag tracked tasks with job codes to know where exactly time is spent.

Location Capture

Location capture for lawyers and attorneys.


ClockIt enables lawyers and attorneys to clock in and out only from geo-fenced locations, ensuring accurate time tracking. This feature promotes accountability and prevents time theft by verifying workers are on-site during their logged hours.

Set any number of geo-fecned law firms and courts.

Accurately set minimum distances to clock in clock out.

Ensure employees are always on site.

Time Clock Notifications

Get notified when your lawyers and attorneys start and end work.


ClockIt Time Clock sends instant notifications when lawyers and attorneys start and end their shifts, keeping managers informed and up-to-date. This feature streamlines workforce management and helps to promptly address any discrepancies in work hours.

Know when lawyers start early or late at client locations.

Know when your employees are approaching overtime.

Get notified via Email, Slack, Teams or Mobile Notifications.

Attendance audit to see the realtime status of all your employees.

Realtime payroll & client reports

Get real-time reports for all your billable hours in one place.


Clockit effortlessly bridges employee time tracking and payroll processing, ensuring staff are compensated accurately and on time. Simultaneously, its meticulous tracking of billable hours simplifies the creation of detailed and transparent client invoices.

Breakdown of employee's hours, attendance, and overtime, offering a clear picture of labor trends and patterns.

Tailor your reports to show the specific data you need, whether that's by individual employee, job site, date range, or other criteria.

ClockIt’s reports are formatted to effortlessly integrate with your payroll system.

Our reports help ensure your business is in line with labor regulations and are readily available for audits.

Location reports provide real-time and historical data on remote employee's locations.

Client billable reports with detailed task and job code information.

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ClockIt Time Clock for Law Firms

How does Clockit ensure the accuracy of billable hours?

A1: Clockit uses precise time tracking to record every minute spent on client matters, eliminating manual entries and reducing errors for dependable billing. Our time clocks work on Web, Mobile, Kiosk, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat and Biometrics.


Is Clockit compliant with legal industry regulations?

Yes, Clockit is designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the legal industry, ensuring complete compliance with relevant laws and standards.


Can Clockit integrate with our existing accounting and billing software?

Absolutely. Clockit is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular accounting and billing platforms, simplifying your workflow. We have API’s and all our reports can be exported using CSV and Microsoft Excel.


Is our sensitive client and employee data safe with Clockit?

Yes, Clockit prioritizes robust security measures to protect all user data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.


Can Clockit be accessed remotely?

Yes, Clockit is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, allowing attorneys and staff to track time from anywhere, whether in the office, in court, or on the move.

How does Clockit streamline the payroll process for law firm employees?

Clockit automates time tracking for employees, effortlessly calculates wages based on set rates and hours worked, and generates ready-to-process payroll data.


Can Clockit handle multiple billing rates for different employees or tasks?

Absolutely. Clockit allows you to set custom billing rates for different employees or tasks, making invoicing flexible and precise.


How easy is it to generate client invoices with Clockit?

Clockit’s user-friendly interface enables quick and straightforward generation of detailed, professional client invoices based on tracked billable hours.


What kind of support can we expect after purchasing Clockit?

Clockit offers dedicated customer support through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring that you always have expert help when you need it.


Is there a steep learning curve to start using Clockit?

No, Clockit is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, requiring minimal training so your firm can hit the ground running.