Time Clock for Kindergartens

Easy Time Clock App for Kindergartens


At ClockIt, we understand the unique needs of managing time and attendance in a kindergarten setting. Our time clock app simplifies tracking work duration of your staff, from clock in to clock out, ensuring accurate timesheets and payroll. With features like a time card calculator, it’s easy to manage overtime and ensure your employees are compensated accurately. No more manual punch in or punch out; our solution makes it effortless to monitor your office’s time clock, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – nurturing young minds.


Capture location and geofence kindergarten locations for accurate time keeping.

Schedule teaching staff using our online scheduler.

ClockIt helps your kindergarten and education institution stay compliant with labor laws and regulations

Detailed and customizable reports on kindergarten employee's work hours, overtime, and time-off requests.

Seamless integration with various payroll systems, automating computing hours and wages.

clockit time clock for kindergartens

Multiple Options to Clock in clock out.

ClockIt has many options to clock in clock out. Use any method, and we will sync the data.


ClockIt’s time clock app is designed to simplify payroll and timesheet management for kindergartens. It offers multiple ways for staff to clock in and clock out, including a web clock, mobile apps for iOS and Android, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, kiosk apps, and biometric time clocks. This flexibility accommodates the varying work durations of employees, ensuring accurate time and attendance recording, even accounting for overtime. Our time card calculator further enhances the ease of managing your kindergarten office, making ClockIt an ideal solution for monitoring your team’s punch in and punch out times.

Use any browser to clock in clock out with our online web clock.

Mobile app time clocks for both iOS and Android Devices.

Time clock kiosk that runs on both Apple iPads and Android Tablets.

Clock in clock out using Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat

Time clocks with biometric attendance.

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Biometric Time Clocks for Kindergartens

Biometric Time Clocks with  Accurate Time Tracking for Kindergartens


At ClockIt, we understand the importance of accurate time and attendance tracking in a kindergarten setting. Our innovative biometric time clocks allow employees to clock in and clock out seamlessly using fingerprint, RFID, PIN, and even facial recognition. This advanced system not only records work duration and overtime accurately for payroll but also eliminates the possibility of buddy punching. Our time clock app simplifies the process of managing timesheets and ensures that your staff’s time card data is always precise and reliable.

Biometric data ensures only authorized staff can clock in or out.

Eliminates buddy punching ensuring employees can't clock in for others.

Quick authentication saves time, speeding up the clock-in process.

Biometric authentication safeguards against fraudulent time and attendance data.

Accurate tracking simplifies payroll, reducing errors and disputes.

biometric time clock with access control. ai face scanning and face recognition time clock

PTO for Teaching Staff

Accurately track paid time off with automatic accruals for your kindergarten staff.


ClockIt’s time clock app simplifies PTO tracking for your kindergarten staff with features like automatic accruals, mobile apps, and notifications. Employees can easily apply for PTO using our web or mobile apps, turning ClockIt into a self-service platform for time and attendance. Managers can swiftly approve PTO requests, ensuring smooth office operations. Plus, employees can view their real-time leave and PTO balances, providing transparency on work duration, overtime, and timesheets. ClockIt’s time clock solution is the ultimate time card calculator for your kindergarten’s staff.






clockit time clock app with pto and accruals.


Allow your kindergarten staff to only clock in and clock out from set locations.


ClockIt’s time clock app is a game-changer for kindergarten staff management. The app’s geo-fencing and location capture feature ensures that employees can only clock in and clock out from predetermined locations, effectively controlling time and attendance. This feature allows the admin to manage locations, ensuring accurate timesheets and payroll. It also eliminates any discrepancies in work duration and overtime calculations. With ClockIt, punch in and punch out becomes seamless, making it an essential tool for your kindergarten office.

Set any number of geo-fecned kindergarten locations.

Accurately set minimum distances to clock in clock out.

Ensure teaching staff are always on site.

Time Clock Notifications

Get notified when your staff start and end work.


ClockIt’s time clock allows admins to set notifications for early or late clock-ins, absences, and overtime, ensuring your staff’s work duration is accurately tracked. Notifications can be received through various channels such as email, mobile app, web notifications, as well as through platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat. This simplifies payroll processes, making timesheets and time card calculations more efficient, and helps manage your team’s punch in and punch out times effectively.

Know when teaching staff are early or late.

Know when your employees are approaching overtime.

Get notified via Email, Slack, Teams or Mobile Notifications.

Attendance audit to see the realtime status of your employees work status.

clockit time clock app for kindergartens with notification

Realtime payroll reports

Get real-time reports for all your staff in one place.


ClockIt time clock for kindergartens generates comprehensive and customizable reports, providing your education institution with crucial insights into labor costs, hours worked, and overtime trends. These reports empower managers to make data-driven decisions that optimize staffing, improve productivity, and control budgets effectively.

Breakdown of each employee's attendance, and overtime, offering a clear picture of labor trends and patterns.

Tailor your reports to show the specific data you need, whether that's by individual employee, job site, date range, or other criteria.

ClockIt’s reports are formatted to effortlessly integrate with your payroll system.

Our Reports help ensure kindergartens are in line with labor regulations and are readily available for audits.

Location reports provide real-time and historical data on employee locations.

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ClockIt Time Clock for Kindergartens

Can ClockIt be used on mobile devices?

Yes, ClockIt offers a mobile app that allows kindergarten employees to clock in and out from anywhere and managers to monitor time and location data in real-time.


How does the geo-fencing feature work?

Geo-fencing allows managers to set virtual boundaries around specific kindergartens. Teaching staff are only allowed to clock in clock out from these areas, ensuring time is tracked accurately at the designated locations.


 Can ClockIt integrate with my existing payroll system?

Yes, ClockIt is designed to seamlessly integrate with various payroll systems, streamlining the process of calculating hours and wages, and reducing manual data entry errors.


How does ClockIt help with labor law compliance?

ClockIt maintains meticulous and organized records of employee work hours, breaks, and overtime, which can be essential for demonstrating compliance with labor laws and regulations during audits.


Can I customize the reports generated by ClockIt?

Absolutely. ClockIt allows you to tailor your reports using specific filters such as date range, employee, job site, and more, providing you with the precise data you need.

How secure is the data stored in ClockIt?

ClockIt prioritizes data security with advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure your employees’ time and location data is kept safe and confidential.


Is there a limit to the number of employees that can use ClockIt?

No, ClockIt is scalable and designed to accommodate kindergartens of all sizes, whether you have just one employee or run a business with many institutions.


What kind of support can I expect as a ClockIt user?

ClockIt offers comprehensive customer support including tutorials, live chat, email support, and more to ensure you have all the assistance you need to make the most of the platform.


Can ClockIt track the real-time location of my staff?

Yes, ClockIt provides real-time location tracking, allowing managers to know exactly where their employees are every time they clock in clock out, which enhances safety and accountability.