The best Toggl alternative that is feature packed!!


ClockIt is a much more advanced Toggl alternative that costs lesser. ClockIt has many features such as Attendance Management, Time Clocks, PTO and Accruals etc. With ClockIt you combine all your business software needs into one product and save hundreds of dollars.

7000+ Customers and Counting

Additional Features

ClockIt is not just a task tracker like Toggl. ClockIt has all features that are needed to track time for all your employees. In addition to task tracking, ClockIt has these features that make it an excellent Toggl alternative.


You can use ClockIt to schedule employee hours. ClockIt will send out notifications to all your employees and they can also see their schedule in the mobile apps.


You can run payroll in under 5 minutes with ClockIt. You can create custom report formats and save them for later so that you can generate reports within a few clicks.


ClockIt has time clock apps for iOS and Android. Moreover, our apps run on both phones and tablets. Additionally, we also have integrations that allow you to use Slack.

Manager Dashboard

ClockIt is designed to scale with your business. Managers can easily manage their own team and can distribute the workload with the Manager Dashboard. Time tracking and attendance are now simplified.

Correction Requests

Employees can easily raise time correction requests. These requests are sent to the managers and admins for approvals. We support both mobile and email notifications. Requests can be easily approved using the ClockIt mobile apps.


ClockIt has more than 35 different types of notifications that you can turn on and off. These are smart notifications and will work based on your business needs. All our notifications are built for mobile, email, web and Slack.


With ClockIt you can track attendance, breaks, work duration, tardiness and much more. ClockIt makes it easy to calculate overtime by taking into account the holidays, leaves and PTO.

Laves & PTO

ClockIt has automatic leaves and PTO calculator. Simply input your accruals rules and Clockit will calculate the balances automatically. Employees can always see their updated balance in the mobile app.


ClockIt can also be used to track holidays in addition to vacations and PTO. Employees can have access to the holiday calendar. Payroll and attendance calculations are fully automated by taking this into consideration.

Robust Reporting

ClockIt has a really powerful reporting engine. Here are some of the highlighted features. With support for customization and ability to save formats, you can run payroll in less than 5 minutes. Combine our awesome reporting features with our time tracking feature and generate detailed project reports.


Filter data in realtime and fine tune your data as per your needs. ClockIt has many built-in filters and you can also define your own filters.


Group data together and form pivots of your own. You can easily group data with any of the available columns in ClockIt.


Create your own custom formats and save them for later use. With segmens, you can save formats and run payroll in less than 5 minutes.


Freeze rows and columns to read your data easily. You can freeze any number of rows and columns so that your data makes perfect sense.


ClockIt reports support exporting in Excel and CSV. All reports support this feature. All your segments also retain your custom format for download and further processing.


Sort columns easily to get the most out of your attendance data. Sorting and filtering together can generate some really powerful reports.

Why Toggl Alternative

Toggl is an excellent piece of software but can get expensive really quickly. Toggl’s dollar to feature ratio is much higher so something so simple. ClockIt does not offer a FREE plan. We charge much lower so that we can provide the best software solution to our customers with no changes to our pricing.


No doubt that Toggl is an amazing piece of software. But Toggl can get very expensive as your team scales. With ClockIt’s pricing starting at 15USD/Month for a team of 10 users, we are a perfect Toggl alternative.

Per Team Pricing

ClockIt charges per team whereas Toggl charges per user. This means that you do not have the freedom to add or remove users without affecting your billing. With ClockIt you only pay more as your team increases and do not have to pay every time you add and remove a user.


ClockIt for all its features is still priced lower than the most expensive tier with Toggl. You also get a whole lot of features. You have access to a host of features within the same price bracket and need not worry about paying per feature.

All in one

ClockIt is an all in one tool meant to track your workforce. ClockIt does not charge more per feature. As a customer on any of our plans, you get access to all the features. All future updates are also included in your pricing.