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Slack ClockIt Integration

Integrate ClockIt with Slack, and punch your clock from Slack with our simple commands. We will do all the heavy lifting and calculate your work duration and overtime.

The best part of all, it works on Slack Desktop and Slack Mobile.

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How to Install

slack clockit


Login into your ClockIt account. If you do not have an account create one from the create account link.


Navigate to Account Settings > Integrations from by clicking on the profile from the top right of your screen.

clockit slack


Now click on the add to Slack button and a new window will open asking for permissions.

clockit slack

Grant Permission

Authorize ClockIt to be integrated with Slack and select the channel that you would like ClockIt to post to. And you are are done. Hurray!!

Keep Your Team Informed

Easily keep your team informed about when you PUNCH IN and PUNCH OUT via Slack channels. ClockIt commands work in any channel.

slack clockit

Two Commands To Get Started

/clockit punch

/clockit status