Microsoft Teams Integration with ClockIt Time Clock and HR Bot

ClockIt time clock software with Microsoft Teams integration allows clock in clock out from Teams with our simple commands. Our HR bot will respond to employee queries like clock in clock out time and PTO. We will do all the heavy lifting and calculate your work hours, break hours and overtime hours for all your employees in real time.


The best part of all, it works on Microsoft Teams Desktop and Teams Mobile.

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How to use the Microsoft Teams and clockit time clock commands

Two Time Clock Commands To Get Started

@clockit punch

@clockit status

Keep Your Team Informed

Easily keep your team informed about when you CLOCK IN and CLOCK OUT via Microsoft Teams channels. ClockIt time clock commands work in any channel and you can decide who you would want to notify every time you clock in clock out.

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Works great for distributed teams


Here are some of the biggest benefits of using the Microsoft Teams and ClockIt time clock integration for your company. Our proprietary time card calculator and timesheet calculator will ensure that you have accurate work hours, break hours and overtime hours for all your employees. The Teams HR bot ensures that employees get answers quickly.



If you have a distributed workforce, Teams integration with ClockIt time clock is an obvious choice. Effortlessly capture the clock in and clock out for your entire team in Teams. Using the Teams commands means that you would never need to login into ClockIt to punch.

Time card calculator


ClockIt time card calculator will ensure that all your work hours, break hours and overtime hours are calculated accurately and this will allow you to run payroll for all your employees within seconds. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and start saving on labor costs.



ClockIt time clock software has one of the best reporting engine backed right into its core. With more than 25 filters and options to segment clock in clock out data, you can generate more than 10,000 different types of reports from a single view. Know more about our reports.