To set up leaves and accruals. Go to Company > Leave, PTO and Accrual Setup.

Leaves are site specific. This means that if you have multiple locations, you can have separate vacation and leave policies for each location.

Select your site from the drop down. If you have only one site then this loaded by default. 

To add a new lave type, click on the add new button. 

Next you will need to configure your leave policy for the graph to show. Without entering any leave parameters, this section will be disabled. Scroll down the page to configure your leave.


Give your leave type a name. This name will be visible to your team.


Enter a description to give more context to your leave type. This will be useful for future reference. 

Leave Unit

Set if this leave type is hourly or days. You can multiple leave types of different leave unit. For example you can have Maternity Leave in days and Sick Days in hours. 

Additionally you must also tell ClockIt if this is a paid leave or not. Select the checkbox if this leave type is paid. 

If paid you must specify how to account for the work hours on these days. Should ClockIt consider the work hours as per the time template, or should ClockIt consider the actual work hours if they did work on this vacation.

Short Name

Give your leave type a short name. For example, Casual Leave can be CL.

Applies To

Select if this leave type is available to both gender or not. For example, Maternity Leave is available mostly only to women. 


Let ClockIt know if this leave type needs to be shown to the user in the user profile. There are cases where certain leave/vacation types will not show on the user profile, but will be available for the user to apply.

If you count holidays and weekends as days where this leave type needs to be counted then enable this option. For example assume that your weekend is on Saturday and Sunday. If this option is enabled and someone selects Saturday and Sunday as leave 2 days/hours will be deducted. 

Allow negative balance for the leave type
Enable this option if you want to allow users to apply for this leave type even if they do not have sufficient balance.  

Accrual Period

Tell ClockIt your preference for accruing leaves. ClockIt supports the following. This will tell ClockIt when it should allocate leave and vacation days to the user. 

  1. Annually
  2. Quarterly
  3. Monthly
  4. Every Two Weeks. 
  5. Weekly

Start Year

Select the year that ClockIt should start to accrue the leaves.

Tenured Leave

ClockIt supports leaves and vacation days based on the work experience. This setting will be dependent on the joining date of the user. So care must be taken to ensure that the joining date is entered correctly when the user is being created. 

You must have at least one entry to proceed. By default enter 0 years and the MIN and MAX PTO for this leave type. 

For example if you entered 0 years, MIN PTO of 12 and MAX PTO of 24, this would mean that all users will 0+ years of experience will get 12 days/hours of vacation days and can accrue upto 24 days/hours.


By default you must leave all your weights for each day as 1. But if you need to edit it the following example will give you some context.

Assume Monday is 1, Tuesday is set to 2 and this user has 10 days of casual leave. If a user takes a leave on Monday, then his/her leave balance will reduce to 9. If he takes a leave on Tuesday, then his leave balance will drop to 8. 

This feature is particularly useful when you want users to be discouraged from taking leaves on particular days. For Example, it common to set Monday to 2 so that users are discouraged from taking a long weekend. 

Accrue At

You can set to beginning and end. For example if you have a weekly accrual plan and you set this to beginning, then the accrual days would be added to the PTO at the start of the week.

Carry Forward / Rollover Policy

Decide how you would want to deal with the balance leaves at the end of the accrual period. ClockIt supports 3 types. 

  1. Zero Rollover: No leaves are transferred from the previous leave period to the new period.
  2. Limited: You can set the limit as to how many leaves you want to allow the user to carry forward. 
  3. Unlimited: Allow the user to carry forward all the leave balance from the previous period. 

Carry Forward / Rollover Timing

Decide what is is your rollover timing. ClockIt supports two methods.

  1. Work Anniversary: If you want ClockIt to provide the leave balance for one year from the joining date.
  2. Calendar Year: Decide the months that you would like ClockIt to consider as the leave period.

Probation Period

Tell ClockIt how many days of probation must be given before the user can start using this leave type.


Company Management > Manage Leave

This permission will enable this view for users. 

Company Management > Delete Leave

This permission will allow users to delete leaves from the system. 

Sample Calculation

Once you have set all your parameters. You can simulate the leave type for any user or pick a joining date manually to see how the leave accrual would appear on a graph. This would give you a better understanding of the system.

This graph shows monthly accrual of leaves. You can see the checkboxes at the bottom to simulate the experience, joining date, accrual dates and accrual start date.

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